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Regarding Smeargle/Sketch on Wi-Fi battles..?

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So say that Smeargle has Sketch as a move, and he uses it during a Wi-Fi battle. Would the newly-learned move remain on Smeargle after the Wi-Fi match is over, or would it go back to Sketch?

asked Oct 1, 2012 by DestinedMeltdowns

2 Answers

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It would go back to Sketch. In order for a move to be Sketched and permanently kept, it must be done ingame.


answered Oct 2, 2012 by Mewderator
selected Oct 3, 2012 by DestinedMeltdowns
You keep answering at the same time as me!
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It will go back to Sketch.
Source: This has been asked before.

answered Oct 2, 2012 by Poke'slash