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If you transfer a Pokemon that is from a generation that doesnt have genders what gender will it be?

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asked Oct 24, 2012 by TeamRocketJosiah

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The Attack IVs determined your Pokemon's gender in 2nd gen (this is no longer the case).

If the ratio of male/female for a Pokemon specie is 50/50, then IVs 0-7 made a female while IVs 8-15 made a male

If the ratio of male/female was 87.5/12.5, then IVs 0-1 made females, while IVs 2-15 made males.

If the ratio of male to female was 75/25, then IVs 0-3 made females, while IVs 4-15 made males.

I hope you are starting to see the pattern here.

answered Oct 24, 2012 by Aura Warrior
selected Nov 12, 2012 by TeamRocketJosiah
Um, how do you know this stuff???
internet :3