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What is a good in-game team for Black/White 1?

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-Six Pokemon are required and while legendaries can be suggested, do remember that many people do not like using them because of how easy it makes the game. You might also want to keep the starter.
-Moves are required for each Pokemon.
-You should make sure to take into account that some people cannot trade, nor do they want to use cheating devices such as AR. As such, suggesting Conkeldurr is not the best idea.
-Items, EVs, and Natures are not required. *
-Please provide ample explanation.

(This was put in by Pokenubz. I (Lucario) prefer you add natures but they are not an absolute necessity. Same goes for items.)

asked Oct 27, 2012 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
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Hey, I didn't know if it was! ...Was it? Is this even allowed?
You have to ask before you post these
Ohhh. Thanks. I'll let PM know.
Um, B3N, where does it say that you need to ask?
JCM asked, like 4 of these without asking anyone, and they were accepted.
I'll suggest one of my teams, but it might not be very good.
Mike told me you had to ask before you posted one and that you could only post one.
Well, JCM posted, like, 5 and never asked.
Well that is just what Mike told me, otherwise I have no idea.
Look, Ben, I had Trachy and Pokemaster's permission. Someone remove this flag, we do not have to ask at all.
Thanks for the edit Kyron ;)
Im about to answer this for Samurott
GL, why suggesting Conkeldurr is not the best idea? You copied this straight from my In-Game team Qs, which is why it doesn't make any sense.
because not all people can trade
Oh, right.... We get him by trade-evolving.... My bad xD
its fine
'Sides, I didn't put that there xP
Ehh....I lost a vote? Why!?
who cares. Don't have a heart attack.
There still aren't any teams with Serperior in it.
i really dislike emboar

13 Answers

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The Preview of the Pokemon I will select for you. The reason their is seven is depending on your game you will either get Gothitelle or Reuniclus as your Physic Pokemon.

Samurott @
Trait: Torrent
Sassy Nature (+SDef, -Spd)
-Ice Beam

Mixed Attacker,Semi-Wall, and Surfer. Surf is obvious plus STAB, and with Ice Beam and Megahorn are decent coverage hitting Dragon,Grass, Psychic,Dark,Flying,Ground,Rock,Fire for Super-Effective damage. Return because your starter will probably love you enough to cause major damage.

Scrafty @
Trait: Moxie
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
-Brick Break
-Rock Slide
-Chip Away

Brick Break and Crunch are STAB. Rock Slide is coverage and with Chip Away you can attack anyone that boost up and ignore the boost. This guy can Sweep three members of the elite four all by himself.

Archeops @
Trait: Defeatist
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
-Rock Slide
-Dragon Claw

Your team's flyer. He has amazing attack and speed but if he gets under half his health hes pretty useless. Fly is to travel around Unova. Rock Slide is STAB. U-Turn and Dragon Claw are coverage.

Galvantula @
Trait: Compoundeyes
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
-Bug Buzz
-Energy Ball
-Thunder Wave

A very good Pokemon. Thunder and Bug Buzz are powerful STABs and Energy Ball is coverage. The lower Accuracy of Thunder is taken care of by Compoundeyes. Thunder Wave is there to paralyze and help catch legendaries or other hard Pokemon to catch.

Now depending on your game you will either get Gothitelle or Reuniclus as your next Pokemon.

Gothitelle @
Trait: Frisk
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
-Shadow Ball

Psychic is a powerful STAB. Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt are coverage and Protect is for filler, or you can have Flash to lower their Accuracy.

Reuniclus @
Trait: Magic Guard
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball

The Gothitelle of White Version. Pretty much the same except he has Energy Ball instead of Thunderbolt.

Beartic @
Trait: Snow Cloak
Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)
-Icicle Crash
-Rock Slide
-Grass Knot

Another Mixed guy on your team. Icicle Crash is STAB. Brine,Grass Knot, and Rock Slide is coverage.

All the Pokemon can be caught before the 7th gym

answered Oct 27, 2012 by Aura Warrior
Should'nt they be holding something?
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There is a Black/White in-game team for you. Obviously with all HMs.
Here is the Pokemons:

Tepig(Fire) → Pignite(Fire/Fighting)→ Emboar(Fire/Fighting)
Ability: Blaze*/Heckless(Hidden)
Moveset: [Flare Blitz/Heat Crash][Wild Charge][Scald/Assurance][Hammer Arm]

Emboar will be your starter. Flare Blitz for high damage but takes recoil and gains STAB. Heat Crash is a option if you don't like recoils and gain STAB too. Wild Charge for covering Water and Flying weakness. Scald for covering Ground weakness or Assurance for covering Psychic weakness. Hammer Arm gains STAB.

Woobat(Psychic/Flying) → Swoobat(Psychic/Flying)
Level up with high friendship(220)→
Ability: Unaware*/Klutz/Simple(Hidden)
Moveset: [Fly][Psychic][Shadow Ball][U-turn]

Swoobat will be you flyer. Fly is to help travel the Unova region and gains STAB. Psychic gains STAB. Shadow Ball to coverage the Ghost weakness. U-turn is to coverage Dark weakness and to change Pokemon when you dislike the oponent.

Petilil(Grass) → Lilligant(Grass)
Sun Stone→
Ability: Chlorophyll/Own Tempo*/Leaf Guard(Hidden)
Moveset: [Giga Drain][Petal Dance][Quiver Dance][Cut]

Lilligant will be you Pokemon that will have Cut. Giga Drain is for HP recover and gains STAB. Petal Dance is a strong move but gains confusion and gains STAB. With Own Tempo will be ok this confusion. Quiver Dance to support. Cut is only HM

Sandile(Ground/Dark) → Krokorok(Ground/Dark) → Krookodile(Ground/Dark)
Ability: Intimidate/Moxie*/Anger Point(Hidden)
Moveset: [Earthquake][Foul Play][Aerial Ace][Strenght]

Krookodile will be good to kill two of Elite Four(Ghost, Psychic). Earthquake and Foul Play is a strong move that gains STAB. Aerial Ace for coverage Fighting, Bug and Grass weakness and Strenght is HM.

Tirtouga(Water/Rock) → Carracosta(Water/Rock)
Ability: Solid Rock/Sturdy*/Swift Swim(Hidden)
Moveset: [Waterfall][Earthquake][Dive][Stone Edge]

Carracosta will be a little slave(with 2 HMs) but maybe very useful. The Sturdy(ability) is to defend 1 hit of the Grass-type move. Waterfall and Dive is HM and gains STAB. Earthquake is a very useful move and is for cover Electric weakness. Stone Edge is a strong move and gains STAB.

Ability: Snow Cloak*/Swift Swim(Hidden)
Moveset: [Icicle Crash][Surf][Brick Break][Aerial Ace]

Beartic will be the surfer. Icicle Crash gains STAB. Surf is HM and covers Fire and Rock weakness. Brick Break is break walls(Light Screen, Reflect). Aerial Ace is to cover Fighting weakness.

Place that can catch the Pokemon(the most faster place).

  • Tepig→Pignite→Emboar: Gift from Professor Juniper(in a box) in Nuvema Town. He/She comes in Lv5.
  • Woobat→Swoobat: In Wellspring Cave. He/She comes in Lv10~Lv13.
  • Petilil→Lilligant: Trade a Cottonee for Petilil in Nacrene City(Black). She comes in Lv15.
  • Sandile→Krokorok→Krookodile: In Route 4. He/She comes in Lv15~18
  • Tirtouga→Carracosta: Reviving the Cover Fossil. The Cover Fossil is obtainable in Relic Castle(receive from a backpacker). You can revive he/she in the Nacrene City GYM(just at right of the entrance of the museum)
  • Cubchoo→Beatic: Twist Mountain. He/She in Lv28~Lv31.

Where/When you can get the moves

- Flare Blitz: Reaching Lv62(Emboar); Lv52(Pignite); Lv43(Tepig)/Heat Crash: Reaching Lv31(Emboar, Pignite); Lv27(Tepig).
- Hammer Arm: Relearning in the house at right of the Pokemon Center in Mistralton City(Emboar).
- Wild Charge: TM 93: Outside, very bottom of long slope(Emboar, Pignite, Tepig).
- Scald: TM 55: Near entrance on ice in Cold Storage(Emboar)/Assurance: Reaching Lv38(Emboar); Lv36(Pignite); Lv31(Tepig).

- Fly: HM 02: After defeating Bianca in Driftveil City.
- Psychic: Reaching Lv41(Swoobat, Woobat) or TM 29: On a cliff in the southwestern corner in the Route 13 (requires Strength)(Swoobat, Woobat).
- Shadow Ball: TM 30: In Relic Castle B2F (after get NationalDex)(Swoobat, Woobat).
- U-turn: TM 89: Dropped by Wingull after all three Grams are returned in Route 13(Swoobat, Woobat).

- Giga Drain: Reaching Lv26(Petilil).
- Petal Dance: Reaching Lv46(Lilligant)
- Quiver Dance: Reaching Lv28(Lilligant)
- Cut: HM 01: Receive from Fennel after defeating the GYM Leader in Striation City(Lilligant, Petilil)

- Earthquake: Reaching Lv54(Krookodile); Lv48(Krokorok); Lv43(Sandile) or TM 26: in Relic Castle 1F; in the room that leads to the exit to the northwest of the desert, near the stairs.(Krookodile, Krokorok, Sandile)
- Foul Play: Reaching Lv42(Krookodile); Lv40(Krokorok); Lv37(Sandile).
- Aerial Ace: TM 40: In Mistralton City Runway(after defeating the Skyla and talking to the Youngster in the house behind the Pokemon Center)(Krookodile).
- Strength: HM 04: From a man in the building northwest of the Pokémon Center in Nimbasa City(Krookodile, Krokorok).

- Waterfall: HM 05: At the western edge in the Route 18(Carracosta, Tirtouga)
- Earthquake: TM 26: in Relic Castle 1F; in the room that leads to the exit to the northwest of the desert, near the stairs(Carracosta, Tirtouga).
- Dive: HM 06: Receive from a girl in front of the house where Cynthia is in Undella Town(Carracosta, Tirtouga).
- Stone Edge: TM 71: In the Challenger's Cave B2F, east of Protein.

- Icicle Crash: Reaching Lv37(Beartic).
- Surf: HM 03: Gift from Alder after defeating Cheren in Twist Mountain(Beartic, Cubchoo).
- Brick Break: TM 31: Gift from an old lady in the Pokémon Center's lobby in Icirrus City(Beartic).
- Aerial Ace: TM 40: In Mistralton City Runway(after defeating the Skyla and talking to the Youngster in the house behind the Pokemon Center)(Beartic, Cubchoo).

Hope it helps you ^_^

answered Oct 29, 2012 by RainyThunderDragon
Emboar & Lilligant are weak to Flying, Emboar & Carracosta are weak to Ground, Emboar & Krookodile are weak to Water, Swoobat & Beartic are weak to Rock, Swoobat & Carracosta are weak to Electric, Swoobat, Lilligant, & Krookodile are weak to Ice, Lilligant & Krookodile are weak to Bug, Lilligant & Beartic are weak to Fire, Krookodile, Carracosta, & Beartic are weak to Fighting, & Krookodile & Carracosta are weak to Grass
They have coverage moves too.. and why don't you do that to the other answers, then?
Great team!Going to use it after i beat the Elite Four with Serperior!
2 votes

This is for you people who like the water type starters.


Ice Beam
Swords Dance

This is for the people that choose the weak osshuott. This guy is prepared for almost anything! Megahorn is a great move and,due to it's unbelevable power,makes almost everymove a one hit KO. Ice Beam is coverage and destroyes those grass types that just get in the way. Surf is STAB and let's you obviously "Walk on water".I was thinking of putting return in this forth slot,but Samurott has a better moveset that can change that to something better! Swords Dance is to up his great attack stat and to make megahorn an extreme threat.


@Power Belt
Ability:Flame Body
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

This is your guy for covering the E4 and this is also your main fire type. The power belt is for uping chandelure's defence stat so he can have a "normal"defense stat. Shadow Ball is for coverage of one of it's weaknesses, ghost types,and to beat those psychics that just get in the way,plus the STAB gives this move nice power. Psychic is to cover the fighting types in the E4,real threats like Conkeldurr or Sawk. Flamethrower is another STAB move and covers those annoying steel types that have strong defense. Without this,there would be no way to beat bulky steels with this guy. Energy Ball is for covering all the weaknesses of fire types and that's good cause there are three of them.


@Dragon Fang
Ability:Rough Skin
Stealth Rock
Iorn Tail

This'll be your dragon type for the team.I choose him mostly to help Chandelure for dark types wich can be covered by Druddigon's Superpower. Outrage covers one of it's two weaknesses,dragon. I'd rather have this instead of Dragon Pulse or Draco Meteor beacause draco doesn't have enough PP and no pulse beacause of it's low power.Stealth Rock is to set up my only Hazard in this team and helps on destroying another weakness,ice types.
Iorn Tail is to cover ice types that can be a big threat to this Druddigon.I'm thinking of putting some kind of rock type in later, so it's good that this guy covers the steel advanteges. Superpower can cover dark types for chandelure. That's mostly the reason for that so enough said.


@Hard Stone
Rock Slide
Heat Wave

This is your main defensive type on your team,it's also your flyer. Earthquake can cover electric types like Zebstrika that can be a threat to archeops, plus I needed aground type move on this team somewhere! Rock Slide can cover some types that can be a challenge while versing archeops and this move gives STAB to archeops.Fly is needed to get around Unova efficantly, plus covers those grass or fighting types that you just can't beat.Plus it's STAB on Archeops.Heat Wave is purly for steel types that can be a hard guy to knock out or this could be for other types like that like ice.


@Razor Fang
Bug Buzz
Thunder Wave
Double Team

This is your electric type on the team. It's got a pretty good moveset, with a status inflicting move and a move to annoy the heck out of your opponent. Thunder can be awesome when you need a powerhouse move to knock out your opponent when you really need it, plus 120 power with 10 PP,I'll take that any day. Bug Buzz is way better than X-Scisor beacause of it's accuracy and power, this is just like megahorn and for some reason, I thinki it always works. Thunder Wave can help on practictly everything and is very helpful when catching legendaries like Kyurem. Double Team can be very useful when you want to be a nuisance to your opponent beacause this move reapeated can annoy the heck out of your opponent.


@Light Clay
Energy Ball
Light Screen

This guy is mostly my last hope. It's also your main grass type on this team. Hurricane has great power and can knock out those fighting types that has too much power. Energy Ball is STAB and can take over as your powerhouse even though it has low power compared to petal dance or solar beam. Light Screen and substitute are for helping him last for a long time. Plus with light clay light screen last for eight turns.

Well,that's my suggestion for this Q. There will be 2 more for Serperior and one for people that don't like the starters.

answered Nov 6, 2012 by Megaflygon
edited Nov 21, 2012 by Megaflygon
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Let's get this team started!


Hammer Arm
Stone Edge

This guy will be your starter.I basicley focused on offence with his guy and he is weak to psychic,flying,and water types still,but who cares.Hammer Arm I prefere over Low Sweep or Focus Blast beacause of it's power and efficancy of a speedy move,also has STAB.Flamethrower I prefer over Overheat and Flare Blitz beacause Flare Blitz has a bad recoil and Overheat has low PP.Flamethrower is also STAB,like Hammer Arm.Earthquake and Stone Edge are for Fire's weaknesses,and he will also be my Rock type (exept for my Carracosta) so I can fit in a Dragon type.


@Quick Claw
Thunder Wave

Electross!Let's get started!This guy is also offensive beacause he has no weaknesses beacause of his levitate ability.Thunder Wave is my only status inflicting move on this and paralys is the best.Dischage I took for it's STAB and for it's high PP total.U-Turn is the only bug move on this team and helps me back out if I need a strong defencsive Pokemon.Acrobatics is just for coverage and a finisher move.


@Water Incence
Ice Beam
Shell Smash
Stone Edge

Carracosta is from the person at the Relic Castle.Water Insence just to improve Surf's power beacause I want it to be strong.Surf is STAB,and also has the water incence to help.
Plus you can now surf over water now.Ice Beam will be my strong ice ype move,and I don't think any more ice or water types will be on this team.Chrunch is just for coverage and my random type finisher move.Stone Edge is STAB,wich makes it have 150 power,witch is pretty strong for a defencive Pokemon.If I didn't mention this,Carracosta will be the main defencive Pokemon on this team.


@Rose Insence
Ability:Iorn Barbs
Power Whip
Flash Cannon
Swords Dance

Ferotthorn covers my slot for grass and steel beacause Embar covers ground with earthquake,Caracosta covers rock and ice with ice beam and stone edge.Power Whip is a strong move with 10 PP and it's STAb,making it 180 power.Flash Cannon is also STAB,and finally completes the defence(Rock,ground,Ice,and steel)group of moves,wich is useful.
Payback is strong,will probabley have 100 power beacause one of my Pokemon probabley would've fainted by now.Swords Dance is good for improving some stats that Ferothorn has that is'nt exactly strong.


@No item
Shadow Ball

This Swoobat is mostly for the E4.Psychic is STAB and covers the fighting types in the E4,so does Fly,and also has STAB plus you need to fly all around Unova,don't you?Shadow Ball is to cover shadow ball's type,ghost,and cover one of swobats types,psychic.So,so far we have 3 members of the E4 with this guy.Let's see if this next move covers the last E4 type,dark.U-Turn does cover dark types,and if there's a Pokemon faster than my swoobat that's a dark type,I can switch out!


Ability:Mold Breaker
Dragon Dance
Dragon Pulse
Rock Slide

This will be your last chance in a battle Pokemon.He has a pretty good moveset for defending haxorus' self and it's weaknesses.Dragon Dance you can use a lot during substitute for uping it's strongest stats for going first in a turn and having a finishing move.
Dragon Pulse is STAB,and,like everyone knows,beats it's main problem,other dragon types.
Rock Slide is a random type finisher move and defeats Haxorus' final weakness,ice types.
Substitute is a good chance to sweep with dragon dance and attacking chances,plus this will make haxorus really last for a while,wich you need in a final chance Pokemon.

Well,that's all folks!Commenting on things that can be improved is appreciated!:D

answered Nov 3, 2012 by Megaflygon
edited Nov 4, 2012 by Megaflygon
Pokemon do not use Potions, Revives, or other man-made Medicines in battle. Remove the Max Elixir on Swoobat, as it is pointless.
Impish > Bold if you are trying to have a defensive haxorus... Bold just Lowers its awesome attack stat
Sure,i'll change that.
What the heck who puts Dragon Pulse on a Haxorus?
dragon pulse on haxorus is the stupidist idea...
Loving this team. I am going to use it ;D
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Here is my favorite Pokemon Black team.

Serperior @ Miracle Seed
Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)

Leech Seed
Leaf Blade

This is an amazing set for Serpy. Coil is the crux of it as he can soak most hits but who can resist choosing a move that ups Atk,Def, and accuracy in one go? Leech Seed is a must with Coil. Leaf Blade is STAB and good power. Return is going ot have a high power so it is definetly worth it. Miracle seed can be obtained by Castelia City. Some people wonder why Serpy. I personally have chosen it in B and B2 because of its major advantage above the others, that is its speeding bulk. And I remember that Chili, Lenora, Elesa, and Clay fell to its amazing defenses teamed with speed unmatched by most ingame trainers.

(Note: Simipour will only be needed to shortly help beat Chili then can be discarded)
The next Pokemon you get will be from Route 4.


Shell Smash
Stone Edge

He is a great Pokemon for beating Burgh to death. Any Rock type move he knows(even as a Dwebble) will just destroy the Gym. And he can even be used right up through the E4. So X-scissor is for STAB and great power. Earthquake is for more coverage and who would not add earthquake anyways. Shell Smash is for later ingame when you will be in need of a great sweeper. And his defenses+sturdy do not mind it anyways. Ston Edge... Duh.


Stone Edge

He is the powerhouse of early ingame. He has Stone Edge as STAB. Earthquake finished the EdgeQake set. U-turn for coverage and quick getaways. Acrobatics is very useful ingame. Because of the lack of items, he will usually have that at 110 BP letting him rip stuff apart. Although many prefer Carracosta over Archeops, the nice little niche Archeops has is the ability to be a special sweeper. So if you get a modest nature, don't worry, you cna just make a mixed set.

(Note: no one has to worry about 3 physical attakers ingame because they will destroy anything in there path nontheless.)

After destroying Clay with Serpy get his nice guy.


Bug Buzz
Energy Ball
Volt Switch

Thuner+Compundeyes=91% hit rate=DESTROY. Yup that is it. My fav bug. Thunder is STAB. Volt Switch is STAb and allows to you switch in Archeops when you enticipate a ground type move. Energy Ball is for killing Rock or Ground Types.

You will continue to kill Skyla with Galvantula and then get your next Pokemon.

Ice Body

Ice Beam
Flash Cannon
HP Ground

Most will choose beartic over Vanilluxe. Why my choice? His 79 base Speed. The fastest Unova ice types, he is unstopable in the 8th gym and just rips it apart. Ice Beam is STAB. Toxic is very useful when fighting types that resit you but cannot KO you. Flash Cannon for coverage. HP ground to cover 3/4 of its weaknesses.

Last one [hard to find FYI] :


Dragon Pulse
Charge Beam/Surf
Fire Blast

Da BAWS is here! Crunch for STAB and is viable because of this mix set. Dragon Pulse is STAb and hits like a tank. Charge beam can be chosen over Surf because it can quickly becaome more powerful, but sometimes the aditional coverage Surf adds is more than just power. Fire Blast is BAWS on this set. With Fireblast and Dragon Pulse, NOTHING resists him!

answered Dec 21, 2012 by DracoArceus
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All right, this is a team who will be different between the games. In black you will get Whimsicott and in white you will get Lilligant. I'm writing down the movesets when the team is level 50(pre-elite four). So this team will be built with oshawott as your starter.

SamurottMusharnaWhimsicott OR LilligantScraftyArcheopsChandelure

- Surf
- X-scissor
- Aqua Jet
- Return

- Calm Mind
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Thunder Wave

- Giga Drain
- Stun Spore
- Leech Seed
- Hurricane
- Quiver Dance
- Petal Dance
- Giga Drain
- Sleep Powder

- Hi Jump Kick
- Brick Break
- Chrunch
- Rock Slide

- Fly
- Rock Slide
- U-turn
- Earthquake

- Fire Blast
- Shadow Ball
- Will-o-wisp
- Calm Mind

answered Jun 6, 2013 by TurtwigGen4
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Sorry that I don't have pics, but here is one of my favs:

Serperior Overgrow Choice Scarf/Choice Specs

Leaf Storm
Dragon Tail
Hidden Power Ice/Fire

Scrafty Moxie Life Orb

Hi Jump Kick
Dragon Dance(Egg Move)
Rock Slide

Carracosta Solid Rock/Sturdy Leftovers

Aqua Jest
Stone Edge

Galvantula Compoundeyes Choice Scarf

Bug Buzz
Hidden Power Ice/Ground
Volt Switch

Chandulure Flash Fire Expert Belt

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Pain Split

Hydreigon Levitate Life Orb

Draco Meteor
Fire Blast
Dark Pulse(Egg Move)

Well there you go. Hope it helps!

answered Jul 23, 2013 by dustcheese
Surf and fly?
0 votes

serpeirior with big root

focus on speed

leach seed,
giga drain, leaf blade
solar beam

send volcorona right before serpierior and use sunny day to make solarbeam attack in one turn if serpierior needs to heal use giga drain cause it heals more health with big root leaf blade is a reliable move and leach seed is a useful status move

volcarona with heat rock

focus on sp attack

bug buzz ,heat wave, quiver dance,
sunny day

when sending out volcarona keep in mind serpierior would be most efective to come out right after its exspected to be slower than the opponent use quiver dance to help defend power up moves a make its self faster bug buz is realiable a heat wave is useful in double and triple battles sunny to increase move power and to set a stage for serpierior heat rock increases the duration of sunny day volcorone will most likly be your last caught Pokemon

jellicent with left overs
ability cursed boby

focus on def

surf,recover, toxic,hex

jelicent has a rather high sp def to withstand sp attacks but lower defence but with cursed body it can disable pysical attacks it will be tough to faint it at the beggining of the battle use toxic or willo wisp wiilo wisp also lowers attack but has low acc recover to heal its self and hex to do extra damage with cause of the status condition surf is reliable and useful leftovers to slowly heal

unfeazent razor claw
ability super luck

focus on defences

roost, razor wind, air cutter, fly

super luck and razor claw increas criticle hit ratio if you use moves with high criticle hit ratio
you have a fifty percent chance to land a criticle hit roost to heal fly to fly to places

gigalith with normal gem
ability sturdy

focus on attack

moves explosion, stealth rock, rock slide, streangth

use rock slide untill its close to to fainting then use explosion with the normal gem its almost sure to to faint the oponent steath rock can be useful if you next send out haxorus because dragon tail switches out the opponent

haxorus with life orb
ability mold breaker

focus on speed

dragon claw, outrage, earthquak,false swipe

haxorus has very high attack if you focus on speed it can out speed most opponents and launch an attack most likly to feint an opponent earthquak for type coverage and false swipe to catch Pokemon

feel free to edit the Pokemons moves if you prefer them that way you may need to forget some of jellicents moves to teach dive and waterfall for a bit anyway I hope this helps

answered Jul 24, 2013 by charzard 06
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Sorry, no pics.

My teams I try to have as well rounded as possible. I always have Fire, Water, Grass, Flying, Electric, and Ground or Rock. These types I always need because I love type advantages. But, I figured, the more types the better! So I went with these Pokemon.

Fire and Ghost Types
Ability Flash Fire (Ups fire type moves when hit with a fire type move)
Moves: Flame Burst, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, and Shadow Ball.
I prefer Chandelure because it cannot be hit by Normal type moves. It is super- effective against Dark, Psychic, and Fighting types, which are three of the Elite Four types.

Litwick - Lv.42 - Lampent - Dusk Stone - Chandelure

Water and Flying Types
Ability Big Pecks (Defense cannot be lowered)
Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Hurricane, and Fly
Swanna covers two of my necessary types: Water and Flying. The problem is, Swanna is TWICE as susceptible to Electric attacks than if it were JUST Water or JUST Flying. And, Swanna is no longer nearly uneffected by Grass moves. But, Swanna allows me to train my Water and Flying types in one Pokemon and also allows me to have other Pokemon in my party.

Ducklett - Lv.35 - Swanna

Grass Type
Ability Chlorophyll (Boosts Speed in sunlight)
Moves: Sunny Day, Petal Dance, Synthesis, and Energy Ball
Lilligant is a very good Pokemon for your Grass type. It is a perfect balance of Defense and Offense. It has helped me through many a pinch, and can definitely be a great Pokemon in the hands of a skilled trainer.

Petilil - Sun Stone - Lilligant

Steel Type
Ability Plus (Boosts Sp. Attack when fighting with Plus or Minus)
Moves: Zap Cannon, Flash Cannon, Thunder, Shift Gear
Klinklang is a powerful Pokemon. It comes in handy when Fighting the Ice Type Gym Leader Brycen with its Steel moves. Most people do not want to take the time to train the very weak Klink, but big thing come in little packages.

Klink - Lv.38 - Klang - Lv.49 - Klinklang

Dragon Type
Ability Rivalry (Attack is increased by 25%if foe is of the same gender)
Moves: Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Guillotine, Dragon Claw
Haxorus is an incredibly strong Pokemon. Only two types are super effective against it: Ice and Dragon. Not advisable against Brycen but encouraged against Drayden or Iris. Haxorus is one of very few Pokemon that can learn Guillotine, a One-Hit KO move.

Axew - Lv.38 - Fraxure - Lv.48 - Haxorus

Ground and Dark Types
Ability Moxie (Raises Attack after an enemy faints)
Moves: Foul Play, Embargo, Dig, Focus Blast
Krookodile is very crafty. Like all Dark Pokemon, it uses the enemies' power against it. This Pokemon comes in handy against Elesa, the Electric Type Gym Leader. Krookodile has good HP and good moves.

Sandile - Lv.29 - Krokorok - Lv.40 - Krookodile

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Serperior: Overgrow

Move #1 Coil/Cut
Move #2 Leaf Blade
Move #3 Dragon Tail/Cut
Move #4 Giga Drain

enter image description here
Swoobat: Unaware

Move #1 Psychic
Move #2 U-Turn
Move #3 Shadow Ball
Move #4 Fly

enter image description here
Simipour: Gluttony

Move #1 Waterfall
Move #2 Ice Beam/Blizzard
Move #3 Dig
Move #4 Surf

enter image description here
Scrafty: Shed Skin

Move #1 Bulk Up/Strength
Move #2 Low Sweep
Move #3 Crunch
Move #4 Stone Edge/Rock Slide

enter image description here
Eelektross: Levitate

Move #1 Crush Claw
Move #2 Thunderbolt
Move #3 Flamethrower
Move #4 Dragon Claw

enter image description here
Garbodor: Stench

Move #1 Toxic
Move #2 Stockpile
Move #3 Body Slam
Move #4 Psychic

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lol first four pokémon all start with s
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Choose tepig as your starter because it will learn head smash but emboar learn it at level 50 so I suggest you to dont let pignite evolve until level 44

Musharna is a really good psyhcic type hp is really high and it will learn hypnosis nightmere and future sight as a munna

Krookodile is a must get one because you will need it at nimbasa city gym after it evolves from sandile it gets super powerful and get one with a moxie if you can

Swanna is your hm house it will learn fly surf and dive

I know virizon and cobalion are legendarys but they arent that strong and you can catch them early in the game

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(Sorry for no pics!)
This is a team I recently used, and I had a lot of fun using it, since it's pretty different than what you usually see.
Samurott (Water):
Aqua Jet/Swords Dance
This guy doubles as a fighting type with revenge, as well as a nice mixed sweeper. You can also run Aqua Tail over Surf for the elite four.

Stoutland (Normal):
Fire Fang
Great physical attacker, and you can get it early on, too. Lillipup really helps out in the first gym, and is awesome when it evolves. Make sure to catch one with Vital Spirit, so that Stoutland will have intimidate. Also, Fire Fang is on there because this team doesn't have a fire type, and it's nice for coverage. It learns it via move relearner.

Excadrill (Ground/Steel):
Metal Claw/Iron Head
Rock Slide
Swords Dance/Hone Claws
Yet another good early game physical attacker. Drilbur is a little annoying to train up until he learns metal claw, but it's more than worth it when he evolves into this beast! Excadrill wrecks teams in this game. There's a reason he was in 5th gen ubers.

Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying):
Air Slash
Energy Ball
Cosmic Power/Light Screen
This little beast can be caught right after the Castelia City gym. It's very powerful, with an extremely diverse movepool. Energy ball is for coverage due to a lack of a grass type on this team. Cosmic power adds to its bulk, and is an extremely overpowered move in general. If possible, get a Sigilyph with Magic Guard. Light Screen directly counters the Hydreigon from Hell you face later in the game, as does Sigilyph's typing.

Vanilluxe (Ice):
Ice Beam
Flash Cannon
Mirror Coat/Acid Armor
Icy Wind
Vanillite can be caught in the cold storage, right before the ground type gym. Good ice type coverage is hard to come by in this game since you don't get the TM for Ice Beam until the aftergame, and that leads to problems with all the dragons. It learns Ice Beam upon evolving into Vanillish at level 35; not a bad level to get such a good move. Vanillite is a pain to train up, but it's worth it. If you have trouble evolving Vanillish into Vanilluxe (level 47), then run eviolite on it until it evolves. Flash Cannon is for coverage, Icy Wind lowers speed and conserves Ice Beam PP, and the other two are for filler or for your own creative strategies.

Galvantula (Electric/Bug):
Thunder Wave
Bug Buzz/Signal Beam
Sucker Punch
Joltik is a good Pokemon to begin with, its typing countering a lot of things. It can also be caught right before the flying type gym. Galvantula is very fast, and if you run Compoundeyes (easy to spot since its only other ability is unnerve, which you are alerted to upon entering battle with it), Thunder will hit almost every time. Thunder Wave is great for slowing things down for the rest of the team (coughHydreigoncough), Bug Buzz and Signal Beam are good STAB and coverage, and Sucker Punch is great priority if you use it right.

So that's my team that I just thought I'd share with y'all. Hopefully it makes the game a little more fun with the different team layout!
~Good luck, and battle on!..or something like that.

answered Jul 11, 2014 by GreyNirvana
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enter image description here
- Surf
- Megahorn
- Ice Beam
- Grass Knot

enter image description here
- Flamethrower
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Energy Ball

enter image description here
- Earthquake
- X- Scissor
- Shadow Claw
- Rock Slide

enter image description here
- High Jump Kick
- Rock Slide
- Acrobatics
- U- Turn

enter image description here
- Stone Edge
- Acrobatics
- Fly
- Earthquake

enter image description here
- Dragon Pulse
- Crunch
- Fire Blast
- Surf

answered Dec 17, 2014 by rushabinator
This is the best team of them all.I like his team.