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Why were you banned? [For Moderator Use]

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So whenever we ban a user for a length of time of one day or more, us mods post here. This way Pokemaster can go through and unban those who he feels deserve a second chance, or in the case of wrongful banning, such as banning a user because you think (without any solid proof) that it might be a duplicate. This also helps us remember to unban you from temporary bans.

Don't comment on this page unless you have real reasons, it slows down loading.

Please do not make a duplicate and request to be unbanned, because the answer is already no. If you think a user was unjustly banned, just remember Moderators generally do not overturn the decisions of other Moderators.

Useful link: Ban report thread

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Ok time to hide stuff. Can you? It takes the page 7-8 seconds to load!
Hiding won't do anything. Pokemaster has to delete the hidden posts, and we try to keep them for temporary bans to remember offenses people have made.
Page runs fine for me.
Probably just my 9-12 MBPS internet.
Are we going to make a collective post for all of kirtdraney's accounts? :P
On a warning for a long history of low quality and rule breaking posts. His wall should explain a bit of the stuff he posts, and so should his question and answer history.

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http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/Polite Poyomon

Due to the recent report, Mew, Aura Warrior and I have agreed to banning Poyomon for a month. Any further valid complaints in the future about Poyomon will result in a perma ban.

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I have elected to ban this user for a week due to repeated misuse and abuse of the flagging system and for their unhelpful and intrusive replies to other users. Further detail can be found on their wall.

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He commented on my post, and he had good intentions, his answer didn't seem incomplete.
I don't think this user has bad intentions, but their way of defending their ideas is disruptive and unnecessary, and something I felt would continue if I didn't do this.
It may interest you to know that the user posted a comment to my response on your thread labelling me an "idiot", though this is separate from the two particular incidences I've decided to block them for.