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Why were you banned? [For Moderator Use]

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So whenever we ban a user for a length of time of one day or more, us mods post here. This way Pokemaster can go through and unban those who he feels deserve a second chance, or in the case of wrongful banning, such as banning a user because you think (without any solid proof) that it might be a duplicate. This also helps us remember to unban you from temporary bans.

Don't comment on this page unless you have real reasons, it slows down loading.

Please do not make a duplicate and request to be unbanned, because the answer is already no. If you think a user was unjustly banned, just remember Moderators generally do not overturn the decisions of other Moderators.

Useful link: Ban report thread

asked Aug 4, 2012 by trachy
edited Sep 10, 2014 by Ninja
It's not my call but I doubt ^ is punishable past a mean glance.
Is on their first and final warning. Profile should explain everything. Posting here since his wall is disabled.
On a warning for necroposting, posts that are of a consistently low quality and stuff that breaks rules. Usually I wouldn't do something like this for bad posts, but this same user has been posting stuff like this for ages now and it isn't getting any better.

Examples for anyone who cares:
a. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/245352/what-pokemon-has-the-highest-iq?show=245673#a245673 Makes no sense at all.
b. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/246285/blissey-ev-training?show=246303#a246303 Low quality.
c. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/246292/are-electric-attacks-super-effective-against-water-pokemon This is about his tenth question like this. Too trivial, and some of them are just plain dumb like the one linked.
d. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/an_awsome_person/activity Full of random, pointless comments on old posts.
^^^ I agree with this. Most of his comments are just arguing for the sake of arguing, or pointing out obscure / overcomplicated flaws in answers.

obviously espeon, because fairies are stupid.
commented 7 hours ago by an_awsome_person
Loos like he deleted my first warning, so I posted another one. We'll see what happens after that. If the necroposting continues, I'll give him a temporary ban.

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Is on their first and final warning. Profile should explain everything. Posting here since his wall is disabled

I ended up banning this guy altogether(Sorry Fizz, but someone got permed for this and he wasn't new.) Basically mad that I hid his question due to his team being illegal. If he's gonna react like this because of one RMT, then he clearly doesn't belong here. Bye bye.

answered Jun 2 by Psychic x
I was just waiting for you to see this mike, I knew he was getting a ban xD
:) huehue
I decided I'd let him off once since he later reposted it saying it was AG, which justifies his confusion as to why it was hidden. But his attitude toward the site was rude and warrants a ban anyway I guess. You have the final decision anyway,
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Banned for being a dupe of banned user Seniorlittleballs.

answered Jun 16 by Psychic x
So… he has returned…
Also, Sir Lagsalot has an active post, if you didn't know about it.
Dunno if you want to hide it or keep it.
Ah okay, thanks for telling me, hidden.
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Banned for three days for necroposting - a lot of necroposting. Click here to see it all. As I said above, normally I would never ban for something like this, but he's constantly been posting masses of random comments on old posts and it's clearly not going to stop unless something's done about it. Outside of this, he's also not the best contributor. The admin is filled with his hidden questions and one-liners for answers. The comments above should provide good enough examples.

He deleted my first warning, kept going and seems to have ignored my second warning. I'll stay true to my word and give a temp ban. I won't ban again unless it gets really bad.

answered Jun 23 by ƒιzz
Pretty sure I (politely and unofficially of course) asked this person not to necropost. But you did actually explain what necroposting is, right? Some will ignore warnings if they don't understand them. You're still right on the ban though, imo.
The warning on the wall says to "not post comments on old questions" rather than necroposting, and the message doesn't get any clearer. Sooo imo well warranted ban.
I didn't understand exactly how old a post should be before it was considered "old". It would have been easier for both of us if you had simply said, "Please stop commenting. Nobody wants to read your comments."
EDIT after reading fizz's comment: I guess there's some good in this world after all.
I didn't say that, because it's not true! I don't want you to stop commenting, I just want you to avoid posting on old posts as mentioned in the answer. There is no exact definition of "old"; looking back at this, the terminology I should've used is "resolved". If the asker has received a satisfactory answer and there's nothing else to add, comments aren't necessary, which is the point I was trying to get across.