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Database League gym leader applications. 1 spot left. (read requirments)

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With the departure of Enoch, we need one more leader


Currently we have 2 OU, 1 OU monotype, 2 UU, 1 Ubers and 1 VGC doubles.
The last thing we want is another OU gym leader or another UU ect. We want variety so I will be accepting a gym leader only into the following tiers: RU, NU and LC. If you are not experienced in these tiers don't bother applying.

To apply you will need to answer on this post following this template:

Name and chosen Showdown alt:
Chosen tier:
Replays: insert 3 quality replays here. This does not mean sweeping a player using Shell Smash Cloyster. Show skill in the replay otherwise just don't bother using it
Ladder ranking: Obviously different tiers varey on what is impressive or not but it is something to go by. Don't bother using an old ladder ranking, I want a current one please.

You have until the 1st of November to perfect your skills and get good replays + ladder ranking. You do not have to answer with the replays and ladder ranking straight away. Give yourself time to get good replays / good ladder ranking.

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Hmm so i didn't get a spot. Fine i'll destroy you all >:D
I'll be glad to help, but I'm moving this weekend.
I am the E4 :3
This isn't mono type, and while you said thank you for reading, I'm not saying thank you for posting smh. Also make Riles and I 8th Gym, as we'll be virtually impossible to beat.
I'm sorry Ben, I'd like to see you beat us both.
Great! You and me, OU. Use one of your own teams btw.
Lol why OU? The tier in question is NU.
No it isn't. You asked me to beat you. Nowhere did you specify what tier.
Unless you think Riles and my gym is OU..
He is above you. If you want to be higher ranked, you have to beat the next leader by their rules.
Oh, those are the rules now?
I mean since I'm a better OU player than JCM, and we share a gym I think I should be able to step in JCM's place and battle you in OU if you'd like. :)
Sounds like a plan. But what about Leboss and JCM?
Wait okay, so we can start challenging people now? And if we can, where do we post that we want to challenge s/he?
just a note: taking the risk of sounding stupid, must we challenge the gyms in order?
Edit: also, what happens if we defaet a leader 5-0? do we get the darmanitan badge?
Yes the Gyms must be challenged in order, and you would get the 4-0 badge for a 5-0.
what happened with flare then? he has the hydreigon badge...
The Hydregion badge I have is in Gym Badges, that's for beating the gym leader (LCB).
The Darmanitan badge is in the Other Badges, because I 4-0'ed LCB in the battle.
but how did you get the hydreigon badge without first getting the legend bird badge?
you challenge the gyms by order of numbers. So Flare challenged the second gym, so he must now challenge the 4 then 6 gym. Then he goes back and challenges the 1 gym followed by 3+5 gyms. Then he battles 8 gym. Then he can challenge the E4.
Is there any way I could just watch this? Be like a spectator?
Because I'm not a user on Pokemon online or showdown, and I don't really get the Pokemon database league.
We could have an area where all the battles are stored... ALL. Don't say the thing on the RMT section.
Should we get rid of our badges from the previous league?
Wait, I don't get the "Signup" thing. Do I answer if i want to challenge?
yes...we can challenge now :}
how do we challenge? are there going to be leader challenge threads?
What happened to the badges?
Oh, amd Blob, the Champion will be the 1st person to beat the League right?
IDK yet. Come back already. Its clear nobody wants you gone :P
Blob do I get the be the first leader to get 6 badges badge if three of my six badges are the other badges, not actual gym badges?
Those Badges are so sexy
I need to make my team fast. :P
Heyup im gonna be applying if spots not taken, I didn't wanna answer just yet but im getting my plays AMD rankings this week thanks to lack of school :P. For reference, LC > RU > NU for meh
oh gawd it's px
;-; i hope you get GL so i can beat you in LC again. >:D
Btw everyone laddering
Gen 6 reset all the laddders. ;-;
We're all stuffed ;~;
I must assume that applications are off until Gen 6 is complete, since play styles and game changing mechanics could change a lot. We shouldn't base our league on someones skill of their skill could be useless in a few days.
Applications are still ongoing however the league will not be started until gen 6 has steady tiers. If you want to apply try gen 5.
Sorry guys. I'm actually resigning from trying out for the NU spot. I have a lot of personal projects I should be working on, like my manga, comics, stories, Halloween decorating, and most of all, spending more time with my family. Racing against the ladder won't get any of those things done. Also, I tried laddering two nights ago and was sorely reminded how out of practice I am. Being off of the ladder for almost a month can do that.
KoD, I'm rooting for ya.
Also, whoever upvoted my answer, please remove the upvote before I hide my answer.
ima apply for lc soon

3 Answers

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Haiii! Crappy and Unnatractive form below!

Read at your own risk. You have been warned >:D

Showdown name: Sempiternus/Knightofdragon (sempi is main one now :3)
Chosen Tier: NU or LC, not sure yet
Vs Endrio, NU
VS Haba1, NU
Vs Metal Sonic, NU
All 3 quality opponents in the top 500 on the old Gen 5 NU ladder, or had a ladder rating high enough to be comfortably in it.
4th one that I actually think is my best.
^ A game filled with predictions and mind games. A few key predicts even though i was being outpredicted more than he was gave me the win :P

Kill all sand teams! LC
Vs Born LC
In regards to the one against Born, while I wasn't able to win it was an extremely close match at 1-0, and definitely winnable :P And considering his ladder rating was enough to make him the 5th on the LC Ladder... I think it's a decent enough replay :P

Ladder Ranking before the reset

1877 (Sempi)
1704 (KoD).
1716 (KoDAlt124)
1544 (Sempi)
1471 (KoDAlt124)

Ladder Ranking After Reset

1886(Sempi) (Note, this is equivalent to number 17 on the NU ladder)
enter image description here

Due to alot of exams (and events >.>) this is basically my final thing.

I suxaphone at battling. Nuff said?

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Made it. XD
All those two replays tell me is that Drifblim is cheap, and you should not use 3 grass types on an NU sun team :P
Plz Drifblim is awesome :P kills everything lategame <3
And he obviously had some success with it :P
That last NU battle was all hax. :P
Okay buddy. :3
1 vote

Razing, also known as: Eeveelution King or Trio of Darkness
I dont really mind. I'll go for NU i guess.

replay 1. http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/gen5nu-59412660
replay 2. http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/gen5nu-59428414
replay 3. http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/gen5nu-59430501
Replay 4. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/pokemondatabase-gen5nu-3555
^ best by far

replay 4. Warning: The trainer i played against wasn't very skilled :P http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/gen5nu-59424462

Ladder: 1437 (Trio of Darkness)
I dont ladder much, I dont see the point, but its up there anyway

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GL. LOL, we all went for NU.
Razing wasn't sure what was his rating so I edited it in for him with his permission. Js :P
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Me apply for RU. :P

Since RU doesn't get too much love, I decided to apply to this tier, although I suck at battling, I'm trying my hardest. I'll fill out some info, more to be added later.

Showdown name: HaxTheGreat

Replay #1 (Still trying to ladder)
Replay #2 (Meh, I'll bring more)
Replay #3 (I'm working my hardest)


I would've done better, but I had loads of problems and work shoved into my face.

Other: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/gen5ru-58723279

A bit about the battle part of me:

I am the kind of person who makes a lot of mistakes. I always learn from them, however, and get a lot better. That is what helps me win battles.


Since the announcement hasn't arrived yet, I might be messing with the ladder a bit, but it might not count. I'll post if it has any positive changes.

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Yay RU. XD
Lol, I think you're automatically gonna get the spot if no one else applies.
Not being on the ladder means your provisional is over 100 :P
So you havn't played enough matches :P