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Are we allowed to put STABmons movesets in the moveset questions? [Update]

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Update: Are STABmon teams allowed in the RMT?

asked Aug 27, 2013 by 5th of November
edited Aug 27, 2013 by 5th of November
I wouldn't think so. I started using this site for the move sets for my pokemanz, I was confused enough at what STAB was I don't think STABmons would have been helpful....  we could.ask new questions or simply Start a thread,
I think you can, but you need to label what it is for
What do you mean by STABmon movesets?
In STABmons, a Pokemon can learn any move of its type. So Venusaur can have Spore in STABmons.
I would think so as long as you made it obvious that it's for STABmons.

1 Answer

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STABmons, like Hackmons and CAP, is an alternate metagame, so no.

answered Aug 27, 2013 by Ninja
This is correct. Only genuine Pokemon are allowed in the moveset questions, otherwise it will get very confusing for people someing here looking for movesets.