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Can Pokemaster delete an account that have all his posts hidden ?

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Hello !

I had my brother have an account, and I forgot it for a long time ... until I saw it back. And now, I want it to be deleted.
Can Pokemaster delete his account ?

  • In the Pokebase section, he doesn't have any post.

But in RMT and Meta, he has some posts. If I had him hiding them all, then can Pokemaster delete his account or not ?

Here are his respective accounts:

Thank you. I know he was not toxic or something, but I just want, and he also wants, his account to be deleted.

asked Oct 26, 2013 by ItsGuillotine
retagged Oct 26, 2013

1 Answer

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Pokemaster can in theory delete accounts, however he wont. If you wsnt to get rid of an account, just change the password to something you'll never remember and ignore ot.

answered Oct 26, 2013 by SoClassy
Why not ?
You are a genius, thank you.
Or hack into it get yourself banned.