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Can we have a notifier, Pokemaster?

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I hate waiting for wall posts and answers, so my suggestion is that there is a notifier that says something like "Your Question Has Been Answered" or "You Have A New Wall Post".

asked Nov 20, 2013 by UmbreonLover456
edited Nov 21, 2013 by ƒιzz
It already exists. For questions, there's a box for you to tick when you ask the question underneath the tags section; "Email me (insert e-mail here) if my question is answered or commented on".

As for wall posts, there's a box on your account page that says "Allow users to post on your wall (you will also be emailed)". That one doesn't actually work for me though.
That isn't what I mean fondant
Fondant, people USED to be notified by email on wall posts, but PM turned it off.
Umbreon, then what do you mean? An email notification system is enough for me.
Oh as in you want the notifications switched back on?
Considering that I never checked that option, that's why I didn't realise it was turned off...
I mean a little box appears on the screen that says "You've got a wall post" and "Your question has been answered."
I hated being e-mailed about wall posts. Don't turn that on again.
There's the 'My Updates' section. 'Nuff said.

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