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Pokemon has officially revealed Diancie today! [Pokemaster it may be a good idea to put this on the home page]

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Diancie has been confirmed to be a Rock/Fairy type and it has been announced that it will star in the upcoming movie "Cocoon of Destruction" now entitled "The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie."




asked Feb 11 by Dan
edited Feb 11 by Dan
Also please start Ben's tour :O
however i don't think they'll evolve carbink @mrk though i don't have any proof
I'm known for my hacking.
I think if Carbink is related to Diancie then it will be similar to the relationship between Phione and Manaphy. So for instance you could breed Diancie to get a Carbink but you couldn't evolve Carbink to get a Diancie. If this is the case then Carbink and the eviolite wouldn't work.
Yep Diancie and Carbink are related, called it!
I realise I'm a but late here, but while there is a connection between Diancie and Carbink, I seriously doubt it will be the same as that of Phione and Manaphy. This is because you are forgetting one important thing - CARBINK CAN BE CAUGHT IN THE WILD! Phione has NEVER been able to be caught like a regular pokemon.

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