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The DataBase Premier League (DBPL) [Approved by Mewderator]

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Hey guys, it is I, JCM, bringing a new concept to the Database: TEAM TOURNEYS.

Indeed, we'll be trying out one of Smogon's most prestigious tournaments, SPL, here.

So in this post I'll explain how it works:

In the DBPL, an undetermined teams consisting of the best players we have today participate in a league type tournament which lasts for a duration of 9 weeks. After that, the top x teams enter a knockout stage, with the winners becoming the champion of that season.

Each team has to consist of a minimum of x players, going up to any number they wish (there are some limitations here, which I'll talk about later).

Over the course of the tournament, teams face each other in head to head matches with x players per side who 'play' in the matches. This tournament encompasses A number of 'generations' of Pokemon and each pairing has the following matches:

XY Uber:

Each week, the team manager will mail the hosts (in this case, Dr.Flame and myself) the team they are playing that week. If you know someone will be busy and/or unable to finish their battle that week, you have substitutions you can make. There are no caps on subs so players can move around in various roles as the manager sees fit.

Before I explain how the points system works or how a team goes about qualifying for the semi's, I'll take you through how exactly these teams are going to be formed.


Managers are one of the most important parts of a team. We'll be posting a manager signup thread in a few days, if you want to be a manager, apply then, not in this thread. Managers however, will be handpicked by us as we're only willing to let people who we know will put in the time and the effort into this manage the game.

Another thing to note is that managers can actually play for a team, as opposed to SPL. This is because managers are also the best players usually, and in a site such as ours where there are so few players, we need to have access to as many ressources as possible.

Managers are the people who in essence run the teams. They decide who plays on it, who plays what position and even handles the team finances (yes, finances, keep reading!).

Managers also makes sure the team keeps running on a day to day basis. If a team fails to complete their matches by the end of the allotted time, the onus is on the manager to inform as to why this happened.

The most important thing they do is actually signing the players which is done using the following system:

The Auction

Once we've picked the X managers for this season, we shall open up a signup thread where people can sign up for playing in the league. A signup post should look like this:

Name: JirachiCelebiMew
Roles: BW NU
Timezone: GMT-5

It must contain all three of those fields. Once the signup thread has been running for about a week or so, we'll close new entries and create a list of freelance players.

At this point, each manager will receive 100,000 credits as initial capital for their team. Using these credits, managers can bid on players in order to "sign" them for the current season. There is a minimum bid of 3,000 on a player. However, there is no maximum cap, so make sure you don't overbid on a player. There is also a minimum raise of 500 credits per bid to prevent people from wasting time increasing bids by 1 credit.

Players go to the highest bidder, personal preferences aren't taken into account here. That is, if Player A wants to play for Manager B but Manager C bids 10,000 credits, Manager B will have to put up the money to sign Player A. This is to make sure that the process is as fair as possible and players don't sign with friends for very cheap.

In addition, mid-season transfers will be allowed. There will be a week in between where managers could trade players however they wish. However, players will be paid the "amount" that was bid on them in the initial auction itself. In addition, new players could join at this stage as well, following a similar bidding system to decide who gets them.

Do remember though, you only get 100,000 at the start of the season. You don't get more for the mid-season window so a manager could decide to go all out at the start or instead decide to save some for the mid-season period.

Any credits left over will be carried over to the next season of the DBPL. At the beginning of each season, each team as the option of retaining their players at the cost of 25% of their salary. That is, if I signed Mewderator for 10,000 in season 1, I'll be paying 12,500 for him in season 2 otherwise he'll become a free agent. The rest of the players (and new signups of course) will become free agents and another auction round will occur.

More info about the auction will be said in the answers.


As mentioned before, teams will take on each other in head to head matches. Each team will face all the others once in the league stages. In each matchup, x players play in a variety of styles, these are:

XY Uber:

In the league stages, beating another team gives you 3 points, drawing the match (4 wins vs 4 wins) gives you 1 point and losing it gives you nothing. In addition, the manner in which you win will also be stored, that is, how many you won vs how many you lost. This difference will be used in case of a tie at the end of the league stage.

In case of a tie in the semi finals or finals, teams will compete in a series of 3 tiebreakers: one in XY OU, one in XY Uber and one in XY UU.


Just the fact that you were on the winning team, in what is most definitely the most competitive tournaments on the Database should be enough for most of you! If not, well, you can finally say you won an official Database tournament! If the badge / medal system is activated, you'll have a big shiny trophy!

A few things to note...

Do remember that this is not a signup thread though if you've read so far and not understood that yet, I doubt this will help. However, you can feel free to comment and tell us how amazing the idea is or alternatively, how this is the dumbest thing you've ever heard off and I should go jump off a cliff for doing this.

In addition, feel free to contact either Dr.Flame or myself about any questions you may have about the DBPL.

All of the battles will be done on the Pokemon DB server.

That said, I'm really excited for this and hopefully its a blast!


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Name gym leader prajesh
tiers xy ou and bw ou
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Not sure I entirely understand how one team beats another. We basically pit our players against theirs and whoever has the most wins gets the points?
Excellent. All out bloodbath. :D
Yay. Yet me no understand

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Official announcement:

XY UU will be replacing BW UU.

answered Mar 17 by JirachiCelebiMew
Well, bummer for me.
It is very easy to adapt from one meta to another, I assure you.
*shakes head slowly from side to side*
Is there a problem? Also I took this decision because BW UU is a dead metagame, now that XY UU is official.
Not a problem no lol, i was responding to your previous comment was all :p
BW UU and XY UU are very different meta games right now :P. Im probably out now
What is BW UU?
UU for 5th gen...