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Why don't I have any privileges?

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I am a humble Pokéfan who apparently can't even post on his own wall. (Is that normal?)
Well, i'd like to at least upvote people who help me with stuff.
I have no privileges, does my amount of points affect that?

asked Mar 18, 2014 by neilio358

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Yep! You need a certain amount of points to have certain privileges. Note how on each section, the points you have on that section reflect the privileges you have. Here's a list for you:

PokeBase (Main Section)

25 to post without approval. When you have below 25 points, authority on the site must approve your answer on a special page only they can access. Once it is approved, anyone can see it.

30 to post on walls. This used to not exist, but came about due to duplicate accounts spamming walls with false e-mail addresses.

40 to vote a post up. Upvotes are used to show appreciation to a post or answer, and tell that it is very good. High quality answers receive upvotes.Posts with more votes show on the top of the page.

40 to flag a post. Flags are used to tell site authority "Hey! This question/answer/comment breaks the rules!"

100 to vote a post down. Downvotes (as they are called) are used to show that you think an answer is incorrect or hasty. These types of answers receive downvotes for the most part. Posts with lower amounts of votes show on the bottom of the page.

200 to post on old questions without approval. You should never do this unless the answer to the question is completely awful/incorrect, and you can add a substantial amount of information. Doing this is called 'necroposting'.

500 to create new tags. Every question has tags. For example, your tags here are "pokebase", "points", and "privileges". Tags pinpoint what the question is about. For example, questions tagged "seadra" are about Seadra.

6,000 to edit posts. You normally should only edit posts for grammar, or if they are confusing. For example, you should edit a post like this:

mi chrzrd is awesum it knos ror of tim ; pycho bost ' erthquke n hiper beem

to a post like this:

My Charizard knows the moves Roar of Time, Psycho Boost, Earthquake and Hyper Beam.

Editors (rank) can hide, reject or approve, reshow hidden posts, and re-tag questions. Editors are hand-picked and normally have 1+ year of experience on the site.

Meta (Section for questions on the Website)

No limit to create new tags.
No limit
to post without approval.
to vote a post up.
30 to post on walls.
40 to flag a post.
60 to vote a post down.
1,000 to re-tag questions. You should only re-tag questions with irrelevant tags. For example, a post about Seadra with the tag "donphan" should be re-tagged as "seadra".
2,000 to edit posts.

RMT/Battle Subway (Section for competitive teams)

No limit to create new tags.
No limit
to post without approval.
to vote a post up.
30 to post on walls.
40 to flag a post.
60 to vote a post down.
800 to re-tag questions.
1,000 to edit posts.


Expert (rank) can edit posts on all sections on the site. Experts are active users (at the time of promotion) that bring high-quality answers to the site and have over 6,000 points on the PokeBase section.
Authority on the site are Editors and Moderators (both ranks).

Phew! Everything taken from here.

answered Mar 18, 2014 by Le Scraf
edited Mar 18, 2014 by Le Scraf

You could have just linked the page without typing up all the information. Js. xD
Det Charizard moveset tho...
Couple of things. As Ninja pointed out, necro posting "doesn't matter", so you can remove that. Also, downvotes because of distaste is slightly misleading. You only downvote if it's wrong or is just really bad (slightly different for Meta), not because you dont like it :P. Could you also include something about experts + converting comments? Not needed but it completes it.

What do you mean Ayan? Isn't that smogon's standard set for Ubers?
I use that Charizard set in LC UU.
I use that set in LC :0
Well I use that set in NFE.