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Site Suggestion: Have user online status on profiles

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What I mean is to put a user's online status on their profile. For example, if you were to visit my profile you would see something that says "This user is currently Online" because I'm online. But if I were offline it'd say "User is Offline" and then it would say the last time I was online. If I'd gotten off seven minutes prior it would say "User is Offline, last Online 7 minutes ago." Or something like that. It wouldn't really mean they were on chat, just that they were currently on the site. Of course there could also be a "User is Online but idle" if the user hasn't done anything within a set amount of time.

Of course I don't really know how programming a site works, so I don't know how buggy this could get, but I'm sure that it would be useful!

Ok well I just realized that I put into thought NOTHING when making Meta posts. We have walls.. So yeah. Chances are that most users check their profile wall daily. Sooo... derp! But even so, there are in fact still good ways we could still use the notify button. But now that I've remembered the walls on profiles I can't think of many. But yeah, I think of the notify button as useless now :c i'll just delete that part, but I'll leave this little edit there for explanation.

asked Mar 22 by Amiable Angemon
edited Mar 23 by Amiable Angemon
Why do people keep putting server suggestion when it's not about the server? Just put suggestion. Great idea though, I very much like it.
OOPS! Site and server both start with the same letter, my bad.. >.<
I like this. :3
you know..i just realized that the whole notification button thing is um... useless.... LOL! Because we have walls to post on.. I'm so poo brain.
This would be an easy feature to add as mods have it already. But there's probably a reason why only mods can do it.

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