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On the pokemons' pages, it should tell if they're legendary or not.

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asked Oct 23, 2010 by pullerrush
I think you can tell. they're always last or close to last on the pokedex of that corresponding region anyway.

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Well I don't think that pokemaster will do that becuase it is usually quite obvious pokemon base 680+ stats are always legendaries same with 670 aside from slaking. 600 are usaually legendaries with the exception of dragonite, tyranitar, salamence, metagross, garchomp, and the new dark dragon type with three heads that I forget the name of. also there discriptins give it away sometimes like they were in a great battle or rule over time and space and that sort of thing. also many legendaries have a signature move like judgement or doom desire. and like seabass said they are usually late in the pokedex. the ones that have base stats lower than 600 are usually part of a trio like the bird trio, dog trio, regi trio, and lake trio.

answered Oct 26, 2010 by Speed freak
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Depends on your definition of 'legendary', too. speed freak from what I can conclude doesn't consider the bird trio ect. as legendaries, but I do.

answered Nov 28, 2010 by hyper beam
I consider them legendaries just not as powerful legendaries