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any suggestions for this mix tier team?

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ferrothorn @ rockey helment
evs in def spdef
role-lead tank

  • stealth rock,entry hazzard manly for volcorona
  • power whip,stab
  • curse,setup,want to replace but dont know what to use instead
  • gyro ball,stab

chandelure @ white herb
evs in sp atk speed
special sweeper

abillity-flashfire,ghost type and flashfire make him immune to all of ferrothorns weakness

  • overheat,flash fire boost plus super powerfull move means ko'd fire type
  • flamethrower,when i dont want to lower my stats
  • shadow ball,stab
  • calm mind,setup

drapion @ air ballon
evs sp def speed
physical tank

  • toxic spikes,entry hazzard mostly for whimsicott
  • roar,spread the poison
  • ice fang,better than cross poison because of the extra super efectivness
  • crunch,stab

fluffy (whimsicott) @ leftovers
hp sp def
abillity prankster

  • cotton guard,def boost
  • encore,wanted to switch with taunt but this is working better
  • subistitue-standerd subseeding with the added bonus of if the use will'o'wisp for example i encore them and trap them in a useless move
  • leech seed healing

weavile @ life orb
evs atk speed

  • ice punch,stab
  • aerial ace,coverage
  • night slash,stab
  • brick break,coverage

garchomp @ (persim berry, choice scarf,or choice band)

  • outrage,stab
  • brick break,coverage
  • earthquake,stab
  • rockslide,coverage
asked Nov 3, 2011 by blaziken
edited Nov 3, 2011 by blaziken
I made it a little more readable...also, should we flag this one?
Yeah, he needs natures, EVs or roles, etc.
thanks for the help i suck at writing these things and i will add natures and roles now

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