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The Toxic Thunder And Rain Storm

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EV's:252 Sp.Attack,252 HP,4 Speed
-Ice Beam(Coverage)
-Focus Blast
Starts the rain,poison,and burn.Ice beam is coverage.Every Politoed I have seen have Focus Blast.

Roserade(M)@Black Sludge
Ability:Poison Point
EV's:252 HP,252 Sp.Attack,4 Speed
-Weather Ball(Coverage)
-Leech Seed(Team HP recover)
-Toxic Spikes(Toxic for all others)
-Sludge Bomb(STAB)
The Toxic Rain Roserade.It will leave Toxic and Leech Seed and Weather Ball is great coverage.It just gonna be lots of support and will absorb Thunders.

Gengar(M)@Black Sludge
EV's:252 HP,252 Sp.Attack,4 Speed
-Thunder(The Thunder Gengar)
-Night Shade(Easy 100 damage)
-Focus Blast(Coverage)
The Thunder Gengar is a powerful attacker.Coverage all around and can kill easy.

Raichu(M)@Light Ball
EV's:252 HP,122 Attack,122 Sp.Attack,14 Defense
-Thunder(Rain abuse)
-Volt Tackle(STAB)
-Focus Blast(Lower Sp.Defense)
Mixed Melee and Sp.Attacks and types to take care of tons of pokemon.

EV's:252 Sp.Attack,252 HP,252 Speed
-Focus Blast(Coverage)
Get some status and deal heavy damage

Castform(M)@Shell Bell
EV's:252 Sp.Attack,252 HP,4 Speed
-Weather Ball(100 Power+50% Rain+STAB=Doom)
-Thunder(Raid Abuse)
-Ice Beam(Coverage)
Mixed type attacks and Weather Ball is Murder.

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You can try a special wall Roserade with natural cure and black sludge.

Calm nature max sp.def and hp and 4 into sp.atk.

Rest, sludge bomb, toxic spikes or spikes and your 4th move can be giga drain or a support move like aroma therapy,etc. if your health gets low just use rest and switched out ^_^
Yhea but I do like the Poision Rain Roserade

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