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Mono Steel ou team up and running!

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@Power Bracer
Iron Barbs Ability
EVs:252Defense 252 Special Attack 4 Speed
Relaxed Nature
Flash Cannon
Leech Seed
Iron Defense
Energy Ball

@Flame Plate
Flash Fire
EVs:252 Defense 200 Special Defense 56 Attack
Brave nature
Magma Storm
Stealth Rock
Rock Slide

@Quick Claw
Serene Grace Ability
EVs:100 Attack 104 Defense 102 Special Attack 102 Special defense 100 Speed
Sassy nature
Iron Head
Body Slam
Ice Punch
Signal Beam

@Iron Plate
Technican Ability
EVs:252 Attack 252 Defense 4 Special Attack
Quiet Nature
Baton Pass
Swords Dance
Iron Defense

@Air ballon
Sturdy Ability
EVs:252 Attack 128 Special Defense 128 Special Attack
Calm Nature
Zap Cannon
Iron Defense

@Flying Gem
Sturdy Ability
EVs:252 Special defense 252 Speed 4 Attack
Timid nature
Steel Wing
Brave Bird

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Few things:Switch Ferrothorn's item for either Leftovers or Rocky Helmet,You should stop trying to boost attacks with Items like Plates they really arnt that helpful,switch Heatran to Lefties,Quick Claw is banned in metagame i believe but i could be wrong either way its not that helpful switch it,Again you have no moves that get boosted the iron plate Scizor is holding switch it
I highly suggest empoleon on this team
Empoleon isn't in OU, if it was,I would surly but it in.
It does not matter if he was OU or not. As long as he is not Uber, it will still be a OU team.

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Well first for Ferrthorn you'll be better with a Physical set for him. Something like this:

@Iron Ball and ability Iron Barbs




Power Whip

Gyro Ball

This guy is a beast with curse. Ingrain is for healing. Power Whip is for STAB and is powerful. Gyro Ball+Some Curses=OHKO:) With guy is a wall with curse and will Sweep many Poke's with this trick and with the Iron Ball slowing you down thus making Gyro Ball Stronger, you have nothing to chance.


I think a Special set will work wonders with this guy:

@Absorb Bulb and ability Flash Fire


Magma Storm

Flash Cannon

Earth Power

Metal Sound or Dragon Pulse

The reason why I put Metal Sound is so that you can lower the Opponents Sp. Defense in case you're having trouble dealing damage. Earth power is also for that and can kill Steel and Rock types who can hold Earthquake. Flash Cannon is for STAB and again can lower Opponents Sp. Defense. Absorb Bulb is for Sp. Attack raise incase of water attacks.


I think you should a Special Sweeper:D

@Leftovers and ability Serene Grace

Calm Mind

Charge Beam

Water Pulse


Everything here is based on hax. Charge Beam all ready has a great chance for raising Sp. Attack but with Serene Grace it will always raise Sp. Attack:) Water Pulse is for coverage againist fire and confusion. Psychic cover fighting for the rest of the team.


This. Guy. Is. Awesome.

@Flying Gem and Ability Technican

Bug Bite

Bullet Punch


Swords Dance

I think this set is pretty self-exclamatory. Bug Bite and Bullet Punch get raised by Technican. The amazing Acrobatics tricks is awesome for killing. I don't need to explain Swords Dance. (Thanks to Scizornican for this set)


This guy is fire kiiler which is a must

@Life Orb and ability Torrent



Ice Beam

Flash Cannon

Aqua Ring

Surf is for STAB. Ice Beam is a must. Flash Cannon is for STAB and a chance for Sp. defence. Aqua Ring is for healing


This guy is a beast period.

@Life Orb and ability Download

Bug Buzz


Ice Beam


Bug Buzz is for STAB. The famous Bolt, Beam, Thower is a must

There you go.
(I got kind of lazy on the last few)

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Empoleon isnt in ou. Other than that, I love this! I guess Genesect is better.
Again the OU tier can hold any tier pokemon but Ubers
Oh, didnt know that
A tier can hold any Pokemon in the tier or in tiers below it, a quick note UF.
Didn't know that.
It's ok