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PO team help?

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this is my team...
ninetails tails rocky helmet modest drought image
evs sp a 248 attack 169 sp d 259 speed 259 def 214 hp 312
solarbeam big finish
flamethrower primary move
nasty plot big kill
inferno or dark pulse extra rayquaza death leftovers adment air lock to elimenate drought image
evs hp 377 attack 405 def 238 sp a 302 sp d 238 speed 250
outrage duh
brick break covers 2 weaknesses
d dance pumpin it up
e quake primary noctowl Hoot expert belt keen eye modest image
evs hp 367 attack 122 def 160 sp a 248 sp d 252 speed 191
air slash anoying
heat wave just for fun
psychic primary
tailwind for a quick ending Nikoking leftovers modest bulky sheer force image
evs hp 328 attack 198 def 215 sp a 262 sp d 208 speed 228
earth power ownage with sheer force
flamethrower ownage again
sludge wave again ownage
thunder bolt cover ownageazumarill aqua leftovers sap sipper adment image
evs hp 375 att 182 def 225 sp a 122 sp d 220 speed 146
toxic stalls
waterfall backup
ice punch helpful
bulldoze helps with electric scizor blade leftovers adment technican image
evs hp 301 att 364 def 263 sp a 131 sp d 216 speed 191
acrobatics get owned
bullet pwnch falcon pwnch oh yah
double hit double the pain
x scissor primary

thanks i have 3 so you'll be seeing more thanks

asked Jul 11, 2011 by Sh!nyFlygon
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1 Answer

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ok so im guessing il answer this one ?

allright so first ninetales

leftovers/wise glasses

so i recommend this moveset :


nasty plot/calm mind-boost and i recommend calm mind because ninetales has great special defence and it special attack is good so why not boost em both ?

solarbeam-drought ... duhh

dark pulse/extrassenssory-verity

rayquaza :

best item will be either muscle band or choise band

moveset :

dragon dance-just the boost you need

outrage/dragon claw -id recommend dragon claw cuz rayquaza is strong enough to use it and outrage will get you confused... unless you want to use a barry

extreamspeed/earthquake-finish em off or finish em off faster :)

brick break-good coverge

noctowl :
leftovers expert belt or maybe even wid lens will be good on it

moveset :

air slash-annoying and great move also STAB

heat wave/dream eater-definetlly great moves and verity also dream eater riquayers a different moveset which i will give you

hidden power ground/forsight-coverge or forsight with great HP and special defence it would hold on to land hypnosis

hypnossis/psychic/extrassensory/tailwind-hypnosis for dream eater and firsight the others are either to make the foe flinch or lower special defence or a boost for your team

there are mor opsions of verity of moves in the moveset i gave you just try useing other moves ... each time till you will find the best set u want


i think its perfact and you might concidor useing the item leftovers wise glasses or a gem for one of those moves type anyway good moveset on the nido :D

i cant give you anything better for it then what you allready gave it ... :)

scizor :
i dont really think you got the best moveset for it so try this one :

bug bite-STAB and use of its abilety

bullet punch-STAB use of abilety and priorety

baton pass/agilety/double hit/sword dance -boost use of abilety to pawn the enemy twice in a row and or baton pass should be used if one of the other moves will be a boosting move

agilety/sword dance/double hit/baton pass-same thing as i said the first time but dont choose agilety and sword dance

so overall you got a nice team :)

answered Jul 11, 2011 by charizard
edited Jul 11, 2011 by charizard