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mono yellow team

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Electivire Item Muscle Band Role Physical Sweeper
Nature Jolly
Ability Motor Drive
Ice Punch
Wild Charge

Vespiquen Item Life Orb???? (Special Tank + Phys. Wall)
Nature Modest
Ability Pressure
Defend Order
Heal Order
Power Gem
Signal Beam

Cofagrigus (Same Role as Vespiquen)
Nature Modest
Ability Mummy
Calm Mind
Shadow Ball
Nasty Plot

Lucario (Shiny) Item Wise Glasses Role Special Sweeper
Nature Timid
Ability Justified
Water Pulse
Aura Sphere
Nasty Plot

Sunflora Item Light Clay Role Special sweeper
Nature Rash
Ability Chlorophyll
Energy Ball
HP Fire
Light Screen
Earth Power

Dunsparce (Hax!) Item ???? Role: Haxor
Nature Jolly
Ability Serene Grace
Thunder Wave
Rock Slide
Stealth Rock

Any Suggestions?

asked Aug 16, 2011 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
edited Aug 16, 2011 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
you need stats or evs
or roles duh...

1 Answer

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A satisfactory assembly of pocket monsters. All I would suggest would be Dunsparce should have THunder instead of Thunder Wave because Thunder does damage and has a 60% chance to paralyze with Serene Grace. For Dunsparce's item, I would suggest a Wide Lens to cap off Rock Slide and Swagger and to help Thunder. Hope this helps :)

answered Aug 21, 2011 by Kyogreruler
Are you sure? Dunsparce is a physical set, and RS is physical.....
Actually with the role he plays, Body Slam would be much better than Thunder for the Parachance, because it has the same chances, yet its physical, And STAB