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mono brown team

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Golem Choice Band Phys. Tank
Nature Adamant
Ability Sand Veil
Fire Punch
Thunder Punch

Shiftry No item (Pickpocket!) Phys. Sweeper
Nature Jolly
Ability (Read parentheses next to name)
Seed Bomb

Kabutops Muscle Band Another Phys. Sweeper
Nature Jolly
Ability Weak Armor
Swords Dance

Hariyama Item Flame Orb Another Phys. Tank
Ability Thick Fat
Nature Adamant
Fake Out

Alakazam Item Life Orb Special Sweeper
Nature Modest
Ability Magic Guard (Duh!)
HP Fire
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast

Noctowl Item Flame Orb Special attacker
Nature Modest
Ability Insomnia
Shadow Ball
Psycho Shift
Air Slash

Any Suggestions?

asked Aug 16, 2011 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
edited Aug 17, 2011 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
you need roles/stats/EVs im sick of telling this to people!
Isn't Alakazam yellow??
Jirachi, according to the bulbapedia colordex, alakazam is brown.
kabutops should be a staller.
alright, ninja, ill give it attract instead of SD (Sword dance)
Brown is a hacked game based of of red/blue/yellow (or green,depending if u live in japan)...
um you dont need EVs if you have roles
this isn't pokemon brown version!!! i don't hack!!! this is a team thrown together by color!! they are all brown according to bulbapedia!!!

1 Answer

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Golem: Either 1. get rid of Sandstorm (with Choice Band you can only use Sandstorm until you switch out), or 2. change the item to Leftovers. If you choose no. 1, then switch the ability to Rock Head and teach it Double-Edge. If you choose no. 2, enough said.

Shiftry: Perfect!

Kabutops: I'm suggesting ninja's suggestion, make it a Staller. Change the ability to Battle Armor (crits are annoying), and forget Swords Dance for Toxic. Waterfall is in case of Taunt.

Hariyama: Change the Ability to Guts for extra power. I'm not a big fan of Fake Out (after the first turn, it's a waste of a moveslot), and if you want to change it, then change it to Rock Slide for coverage. Keep Fake Out if you want. Change Wake Up Slap to Brick Break for higher power and breaking of screens.

Alakazam: Couldn't have trained a better one myself.

Noctowl: See above.

I wish you many wins and I hope this helps!

answered Aug 28, 2011 by Fate Itself
Thanks, you really help! How many questions have you answered that were mine? Alot! Thanx! If it were possible, I would give 2 upvotes to this answer!
I try to help, not just be obsessed with getting points! And since I try to help people, I get points for doing the best that I can!
anyway, ill go with leftovers golem instead.
Ok, that's fine, that's why I gave you two choices. But nobody else except Kabutops benifits from the sandstorm. Just something to think about...
Golem also benefits from it.
I said nobody else benifits, so that includes Golem.