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My exotic RMT!!!!!!!

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item: focus band
role: passer

  • silver wind
  • baton pass
  • agility
  • swords dance

item: expert belt
role: sweeper

  • hydro cannon
  • grass knot
  • ice beam
  • hp ghost

item: shell bell
role: back up

  • over heat
  • wild charge
  • iron head
  • extreme speed

item: big root
role: hit point stealer

  • leech seed
  • horn leech
  • wild charge
  • giga impact

item:sitrus berry
role:air force

  • drill peck
  • faint attack
  • steel wing
  • facade

item: leftovers
role: wall

  • stockpile
  • foul play
  • iron head
  • rock slide
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You lack EVs and Natures
yes i do. i will keep it in mind for next time.
Well your RMT will be hidden if you don't add EVs/Roles and natures
What is hp ghost samurisceptile?

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