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How can i make this team good for competitive battling?

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Bravairy @leftovers sheer force

lv 79 alert to sounds naughty nature

  • Brave bird (STAB)
  • fly (free recovery)
  • shadow claw
  • rock slide (coverage)

Serperior @miracle seed overgrow

lv 81 often dozes off rash nature

  • leaf blade (STAB literally)
  • swords dance (higher attack causes fatality despite nature)
  • giga drain (HP flare)
  • dragon tail (widespread damage)

Simipour @mystic water glutonny

lv 79 Good perseverance Adamant nature

  • Ice beam (coverage)
  • brick break
  • surf (STAB)
  • waterfall(STAB and decent chance to flinch)

Sawk @expert belt sturdy

lv 79 Alert to sounds Rash nature

  • bulk up(STAB)
  • close combat (super STAB)
  • poison jab
  • retailate

Gigalith @rocky helmet sturdy (to stall)

lv 78 highly presistent hasty nature

  • polish (2x speed)
  • stone edge (extra power)
  • toxic
  • E-quake

Alakazam? @genius wing inner focus

lv 87 Proud of its power quiet nature

  • Physic (STAB)
  • energy ball
  • shadow ball (coverage)
  • focus blast (coverage)

suggestions and replace pokemon suggestions are appreciated

(few changes are made as of Sun jun 19 2011)

asked Jun 17, 2011 by Tysonyoshi
edited Jun 19, 2011 by Tysonyoshi
Is this going to be your team for the tornament?
yes it is going to be
You probably don't want to post it here then since everyone can see it and prepare for it.

1 Answer

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Maybe, maybe, you should replace either brave bird or fly, depending on what you prefer (recoil for greater power or free recovery) because it always is bad to have more than one damaging move of the same type.

I dislike your Serperior moveset due to having 3 moves of the same type. I know that Serperior's moveset is very very limited and my own Serperior's moveset is pretty bad. But maybe try to change something.

You should replace Simipour as there are many other Pokémon who can do his job much better than he can do it. Replace Surf for another attack and maybe Ice Beam for Ice Punch for his nature. Give him a sitrus berry to compliment his ability. My Simipour is a HM slave :D (Surf, Waterfall, Cut, Dive)

Sawk... Get rid of Low Sweep. I use my Sawk as a payback killer with endure and mold breaker.

Your Gigalith again has two damaging moves of the same type. Change something here. Maybe Return, I don't know honestly.

What's with the question mark next to Alakazam's name? His moveset is ok!

Overall, try to get Pokémon with good natures (I play my Pokémon games in German so I don't know most English nature names) and replace all the items that only power up moves of one type with moves that either power up all moves of a kind (muscle band or wise glasses) or choice items or shell bells/leftovers.

answered Jun 18, 2011 by dr_clock
My simipour has higher sp.attack like my serperior has higher attack
However, your Simipour's nature compliments physical moves. You didn't post neither EVs you gave nor the actual stats so I oriented on the natures when I recognize them. Best thing is maybe retraining :/
nevermind about simipours attack its higher