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Suggestions for this team?

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This is my primary competitive team and I would appreciate a 1-10 rating and suggestions and constructive criticism, worst case, glaring weaknesses ect. Thank you guys :)

Machamp@Lum Berry 
No guard
 Impish 252 hp/252/ attack/ 4 speed

Dynamic punch
pay back
bulk up
stone edge

Slaking @ Choice band
Jolly 252 attack/252 speed/ 4 hp

Airel ace
Shadow claw
Brick Break

Gengar@ wide lens 
Rash 252 special attack/252 speed/4 hp

Shadow ball
Confuse ray

Reuniclus@ Life orb
Magic Guard
Timid  252 def/252 special attack/4 special def

Calm mind 
Focus blast

Darmanitan@ shell bell
Sheer Force 
lonely 252 attack/252 speed/ 4 hp

Super power 
Stone edge 
Flare Blitz

Blissey @ leftovers
Serene Grace 
Impish def/ spdef 252 hp

ice beam
Soft boiled 
calm mind
asked May 26, 2011 by kat
I'm sorry but Rate my team questions are recently BANNED . So , can't answer that .

I'm really sorry but after that issue is solved i'll get back to your answer .
Actually unidentified, Pokemaster made an update to this rule.


"    All team questions must list all the Pokemon (i.e. 6 for regular battles, 4 for double battles), all their moves, abilities and any other vital information. Please phrase them along the lines of "How can I improve my team?" and not just "Rate My Team.""

    Not allowed: Vague questions like "Is this a good pokemon team?" - please make it more specific, for example "How can I improve my team?" and including more information. All team questions must have all the Pokemon and all their moves, plus abilities, items and EVs if known.

So team questions are allowed as long as you give all the needed information. And don't just ask "is this good"."

This question gives a detailed description of the team, so it would be acceptable.
Ok then !! Sorry i dint see the revised rules !!

2 Answers

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everything is this team is great apart from two things
switch life orb from reiniclus and give it to darmanitan and shell bell to reiniclus because it works well with recover and reiniclus good hp
the other reason why is that when sheer force and life orb are together you get both of the boosts to move power but no damage to darmanitan from the life orb(this is actually true,its a great strategy

with the blissey this moveset works well

seismic toss/counter(blissey has ok sp attack)psychic softboiled and toxic(while you stall with softboiled they slowly die)

answered May 26, 2011 by MᴇᴡCʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
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Pretty good all around bu how about this? Send reuniclus to the DW to change its ability to regenerator to make recover unnecessary so you can give it more flare. for gengar instead of confuse ray which can easily be sapped out of and that it doesn't mess with speed replace with dream eater or nightmare.

answered May 26, 2011 by Tysonyoshi