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My new and (very slightly) improved NU team but I still need a lot of advice

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Wormadam (Steel)
Ability: Anticipation
Nature: Careful (+sp defence-sp attack)
EV: 252 defence/212 sp defence/44 HP
Item: Leftovers
Moves: Iron Head
Stealth Rock

Ability: Levitate
Nature: Bold (+defence-attack)
EV: 252 defence/252 sp attack/4 sp defence
Item: Black sludge
Moves: Flamethrower
Sludge Bomb
Pain Split

Ability: Rain Dish
Nature: Bold (+defence-attack)
EV: 252 defence/252 sp attack/4 HP
Item: Damp Rock
Moves: Hurricane
Rain Dance

Ability: Solid Rock
Nature: Jolly (+speed-sp attack)
EV: 252 speed/252 attack/4 defence
Item: Life Orb
Moves: Rock Polish
Flame Charge
Earth Power
Rock Slide

Abilty: Early Bird
Nature: Adamant (+attack-sp attack)
EV: 252 attack/252 speed/4 HP
Item: Sharp Beak
Moves: Toxic
Brave Bird

Ability: Thick Fat
Nature: Calm (+sp defence-attack)
EV: 252 sp defence/252 sp attack/4 HP
Item: Light Clay
Moves: Psychic
Heal Bell
Energy Ball

I plan to start with wormadam setting up rocks
I will make a team with a Pelipper, whatever anybody says

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You forgot to put in abilities.
thanks for that, it has been corrected
Pelipper sucks man, if you want a crappy Water / Flying type that can abuse Rain, at least have the decency of using Swanna.
Thats true.
why you have wormadam? wouldn't rydon be better?
i know main-gaming is tottally different than competitive gaming, but i used a pelliper once in the main-game, and it was terrible. It had no power, so you'd think it would have some defenses. nope, its not very defensive either. maybe it could turn out to be fast? no. pelliper is not good.

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