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is this a good team?suggestions?

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ALL EV TRAINED I like having 2 dragons..

Hydreigon item:sitris berry

Dragon Pulse


Dark Pulse


Haxorus item:persim berry



brick break

giga impact

Chandelure item:wide lens


Shadow Ball

Energy Ball

Calm Mind

Carracosta Item:balloon

Aqua Tail

Stone Edge


Shell Smash

Shuckle item:chesto berry



Gyro Ball


Leavanny item:focus sash


Leaf Blade

Swords Dance


May take
out hydreigon and leavanny.
IS this team good?

asked Jun 7, 2011 by shahed
edited Jun 7, 2011 by Speed freak
please format team questions like that your welcome:)
how you did that!!??
if your going to give chandalure a wide lens why not teach it fire blast or even inferno and hope that you get lucky

2 Answers

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Great set its the one I use. Maybe a life orb or Salac berry instead of Sitrus.


Great but Giga-impact=no. Switch for Dragon Dance. personally I hate outrage but it is good.


Whats the point of Calm mind if you are just going to lower your S. attack with overheat. Use Flamethrower and maybe psychic instead of Calm mind if you want to run a Choice scarf set.


I would use Waterfall instead of Aqua Tail but otherwise great job


Always have hated him do not use him unless with power share set. Get Umbreon(Curse, Payback, Toxic, Wish) for your wall.


Replace Substitute for Shadow claw. You can replace for Sycther(X-scizzor, Aerial-ace, Brick-break, and S-dance) but is only a suggestion

Happy Pokemon battling :)

answered Jun 7, 2011 by Speed freak
my shuckle stayed for like 12 turns my pokemon got taken out and he stayed for a while but protect failed and i lost i needed 1 more turn for toxic to finish it
I agree with speed freak.
I like using Snorlax for a wall
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half your team is weak to ice, id put in someone who could counter water types with ice beam

answered Jun 8, 2011 by ihearduliekmudkip