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How can i improve my team for competitive play? (5th gen)

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I Beat Pokemon white. Now i train daily and battle friends periodically. My team usually wins but i was looking for some improvements that could be made. Ill even take suggestions such as a new pokemon completely. Thanks

 Escavalier (M) Careful [Shell armor](Rocky Helmet)

-Iron Head
-Iron Defence

 Jellicent (M) Mild [Water absorb](Leftovers)

-Shadow Ball

 2x  Chandelur (M) Bold/Docile [Flame body](Flame Plate/Shadow Plate)

-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball

 Hydreigon (M) Hasty [Levitate] (Draco Plate)

-Crunch/Dark Pulse
-Dragon Pulse

 Steelix(shiny) (F) Quirky [Rock Head] (Leftovers/Shell bell)

-Dragon tail
-Stone edge

 Magnezone () Timid [Magnet Pull] (Magnet)

-Flash Cannon
-Magnet Rise
-Thunder Wave

Im thinking a Infernape as a Mixed sweeper? Let me know what you think.

asked May 31, 2011 by GoldenSteelix

1 Answer

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uhhhh i would change alot this team wouldnt stand a chance competitively at all...you dont have the right natures or move sets plus you have alot of slow sweepers so i would at best try to make this into a trick room team AT BEST!for escavalier and steelix i would go with an adamant nature and as for the rest i would go modest move sets
escavalier-swords dance iron head giga impact mega horn
jellicent-recover toxic shadow ball surf
chandelure-energy ball psychic shadow ball heat wave
hydriegon-charge beam/focus blast dark pulse dragon pulse flamethrower
steelix-automize earthquake crunch stone edge
magnezone-thunderbolt flash cannon thunder wave protect
if you want to do the trick room team thinng i would use exeggutor for trick room and then i wouldnt have automize on steelix i would stealth rock
exeggutor:modest:grass gem-trick room hypnosis energy ball dream eater
soooo ya thats wat i would do becuz honestly i dont really like wat you did with your team uhhh if you dont kno how to get certin moves on your pokemon go to serebii.net and look at their eggs moves and then click detials to see wat to breed it with uhhh hope this helped

answered May 31, 2011 by samurott