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advice for my Trick-room team

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item: Evolite

evs: 252 S.atk, 128 def, 128 S.def

nature: Quiet

Ice Beam(coverage)



Trick Room(duh)


item: ??

evs: 252 S.atk, 252 hp, 4 def

nature: Quiet


Power Gem(coverage)

Signal Beam(coverage)

Focus Blast(coverage)


nature: Quiet

item: ??

evs: 252 S.atk, 252 hp, 4 S.def


Energy Ball(STAB)


Trick Room(duh)


item: Iron ball

evs: 252 atk, 252 hp, 4 S.def

nature: Adamant

Hammer Arm(coverage)

Stone Edge(STAB)




evs: 252 Atk, 128 def, 128 S.def

nature: brave

Ice Punch(coverage)


Shadow Punch(STAB)

Trick Room(duh)


item: macho brace

evs: 252 atk, 252 def

nature: Adamant



Hammer Arm(coverage)

Ice Punch(coverage)

I was thinking that I lead with porygon 2 any suggestions for line-up/strategy. no suggesting other pokemon/evs/egg moves/nature because I already trained them.

asked May 23, 2011 by Speed freak
edited Sep 19, 2011 by Speed freak
Why Sp Attack EVs on Dusknoir?
yeah, you also use phsysical moves on Dusknoir

3 Answers

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Well, After looking at this, I noticed something,

Dusknoir: Take under consideration that without stat boosts, Dusclops with Evoilite can easily deal more damage to bulkier opponents with night shade, but if you prefer Dusknoir, you might want to try something like Brick Break for fighting coverage, you have enough Ice type coverage. And he needs leftovers.

Now to Swampert.... Macho Brace?
Also, Use a Brave Nature.
And fill out your EV's.


Hammer Arm may lower his freasishly low speed, but when it comes to coverage, he's not getting any.

Rock and Steel are already covered by E-quake, and that just leaves it covering normal....

I would ditch this for T-Punch for water or I-Punch for Grass and Dragon.

The Fling Iron Ball trick is neat.

Ampharos, This was missing an item to be filled out. I would say Life orb or Wise Glasses.

Exgecutor, make sure its ability is harvest, and then give it a sitrus berry to hold, OR you can sub Ancient Power for rest, and give it a Lum Berry.

And if this is on PO I would consider swapping Ancient power for a Hidden Power Rock.

Overall this was a nice team, with little quirks, just remember to list abilities next time, because there were pokemon like Exeggutor, that certain strategies only work with certain abilities.

answered Jun 21, 2011 by Josh
edited Sep 19, 2011 by Josh
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I think its pretty good .

You line up is great , sending porygon2 first to set up trick room and the others can take care of the rest ( Depending on types coverages you could switch) .

Moves Great , strategy Great , so i say no changes to this team .

answered May 23, 2011 by Unidentified
edited May 23, 2011 by Unidentified
someone has a suggestion then make . If i'm wrong , tell me ill correct it but please don't down vote me .
I'm 3 months late! This would have been better suited as a comment to be honest, it's really just saying that he's smart, and doesn't need to fix anything.
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i like it alot it looks great from strategy to move set and natures i think you could pretty far with this

answered May 23, 2011 by samurott