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[Edited] Scrafty build for In-Game use. Any advice?

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I'm going to make this four part:
Part 1 - The build
Part 2 - The move set and hold item
Part 3 - My reasoning.
Part 4 - Battle Subway team?

After you've read, feel free to let me know what you think, what I may have missed, or even if you'd use it as is. Thank you.

1 -
Name - Maverik
Species - Scrafty
Nature - Hasty
Personality - Proud of its power
Ability - Moxie

Atk Ev - 249
Spd Ev - 255
HP - 6

2 -
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch
Fire Punch

Item - Expert Belt or Muscle Band

3 -
I suppose it all speaks for itself, but if you're curious about the Odd EV's, it's because I messed up while speed training this guy. I had put the extra two into HP to 'ensure' I didn't mess up, and ended up messing up anyway.

As for the Moveset - Thunder Punch covers flying and water, so birds and any water/fighting are gonna feel it. Fire Punch is for grass/fighters, bug/fighters, and ice types. Ice is for flying types, dragons, and ground types. Crunch is for stab and taking out psychics. I didn't make him to be a end-all-be-all so there will be others to cover his weaknesses, but so far he makes for a pretty good start.

The items I chose are sort of two-fold. Muscle band is just to up power without the cost of Life Orb. Expert Belt is to jack up super effective moves since there are a lot of pokemon in B/W's Battle Subway that are weak to those four types.

I don't plan on changing anything, at least not until I get a good reason to. Despite his botched EV training he's a pretty solid little guy that's never let me down, so I suppose what I'm asking is, let me know what would be best as a cover for him, if you'd use him, or any advice for anything I'd missed. Thank you for your time.

Part 4 -
I'm more of an act-first-think-later kind of guy. My strategy is... kill it with its weakness before it can kill mine. In that instance, speedy attackers are my friends. I don't have the patience to utilize a blocker, so things like PVP's and Pokemon Showdown are my shortcoming because I much prefer to attack without much thought aside from type advantages. That being said, in-game things like Battle Subway where I face computer enemies seems to be where I excel. They may have strategy, but they aren't as likely to swap out theirs in the midst of the battle as often as a real player will.

Possible team -

Scrafty as lead [Info above]

Alakazam [Open to suggestions] for cover. [will supply info if this part doesn't have to be deleted]

Open to suggestions for third.

For this matter, please keep an open mind that high Atk/Sp.A and high Spd are what I'm looking for, not walls or clerics. Thank you for your time. If I can't have part four posted, please let me know and I'll remove it and the edits for it. I'm still getting a grasp on the rules, so I just need some help. Thank you, again.

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Well, it says it's for 6-Pokemon teams only, but some noob probably did that. These are definitely allowed.
Thanks. The reason it's here, is because i made the mistake of posting in PokeBase and I was told that it belonged in Battle Subway. I know it's In-game related, but it's the only place i can ask. So I'm just trying my best to follow the rules.

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