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Any suggestions for this team?

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I've looked up various movesets for these pokemon, so I have put some thought into their moves, but I'm just wondering if there are any moves that are better suited based on the other pokemon in my team. They are:

Torterra Lv 78 w/Quick Claw
Crunch--Descent power, good accuracy
Stone Edge--coverage and high power
Earthquake--great move overall
Frenzy Plant--I know a lot of people dislike this move but I have my own strategy that involves it...

Walrein Lv 78 w/Sea Incense
Surf--rock type coverage
Ice Beam--messes with ground types that might have rock moves
Body Slam--descent power, good accuracy
Blizzard--strong finishing move

Salamence Lv 78 w/ Scope Lens
Dragon Claw--STAB
Fly--good for messing with opponent if you know what I mean
Thunder Fang--damages water pokemon that might have ice moves
Flamethrower--ice coverage

Arcanine Lv 73
SolarBeam--water, ground, and rock coverage
Flare Blitz--great fire move
Sunny Day--powers Flare Blitz and allows quick SolarBeam
Crunch--thinking about replacing...

Heracross Lv 73 w/ Black Belt
Stone Edge--flying coverage
Close Combat--STAB
Megahorn--best bug move eva
Night Slash--psychic and ghost coverage

Metagross Lv 73 w/ Mind Plate
Psychic--I prefer this over Zen Headbutt, stronger base stat and is powered up with the mind plate
Earthquake--Fire coverage and great move
Meteor mash--great steel move
Hammer Arm--couldn't think of another move to give

For the record, I follow the mantra that "the best defoense is a strong offense" hence all the attack moves.

All suggestions are welcome whether for move changes or pokemon replacements. Thanks in advance for the help=)

asked Feb 25, 2011 by Leviathan33
Metagross: Psychic for Zen Headbutt
Walrein: Ice Beam for Hail

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First, you can't use The Quick Claw in WIFI, Plus its bad on Torterra. Replace Crunch with Curse and Frenzy Plant with Seed Bomb since it is Physical. For a hold item, I suggest getting Leftovers because he has high HP.

NO, Walrein needs a Change if it is Physical. Here is a moveset for Physical Walrein.

E-Quake-Rock types
Ice Fang-STAB
Rock Slide-Coverage

I know that Walrein is a Staller but it needs Abomasnow for constant snow. So please don't vote down. Leftovers for an item.

Arcanine is good, but Replace Crunch with Extreme Speed because it has Priority. Add a Life Orb to it

Heracross is Awesome. Replace the Black Belt with the Muscle Belt.

Metagross needs a major change because yours is bad(no offence). This is the main Metagross set used. Give it a Life Orb..

Meteor Mash-STAB
Earthquake-Fire types
Ice Punch-Ground Types
Agility/Explosion/Zen Headbutt-you choose which one

Forgot Salamence, they are mostly used as Mixed Sweeper,so use this.

Flamethrower-Ice types
Dragon Claw/Pulse-STAB and for other Dragons
Aqua Tail/Earthquake-for Rock types

I highly recommend getting a SP Sweeper because you only have Physical Sweepers. May I Recommend Porygon Z

Nasty Plot
Tri Attack
Shadow Ball/Psychic

Another recommendation is Gardevoir:
Focus Blast

Gardevoir is more recommended and I hope this helps..

answered Feb 25, 2011 by &Psychic x
You can't use Quick Claw on WiFi? That's new for me, I've been using it for...several times
It is banned from competitive play for being a Hax item.
And your mising recovery moves on your question.
Porygon-Z should always have Bolt-Beam, so get rid of Psychic / Shadow Ball for Ice Beam.

Also, it's Muscle Band, not Belt.