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rate my team please.. need help to beat freind

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i would like to know if anybody thinks my team's ev's should be changed or if i should switch moves or change pokemon all together.

ability motor drive
adamant nature
ev's; attack, and i haven't maxed out speed but i will do that
moves, fire punch, ice punch, thunder punch, magnet rise.

ability; technician
adamant nature
ev's attack and some others but i like his balance
moves; night slash, x scissor, iron head, aerial ace.

ability mould breaker
adamant nature
ev;s speed and attack
moves; dragon claw, x scissor, night slash, earthquake.

ability; marvel scale
lax nature
ev's; speed and special attack
moves; recover, magic coat, scald, ice beam.

ability; steadfast
adamant nature
ev's ; max attack 50 defence, some speed and maby others hes a lil messed
moves; stone edge, leaf blade, psycho cut, brick break.

ability levatate
timid nature
ev's speed and sp attack
moves; energy ball, focus blast, sludge bomb, shadow ball

should i change anything or any one or any ev's>?

asked May 14, 2013 by ninjaz blitz
edited May 14, 2013 by ninjaz blitz
On scizor go with max attack and HP EV's.
Giga drain over energy ball on gengar.
lol I found your comment 1 sec afterwards ^.^ and yeah, I think you are right.
last chance breaker! - what do u mean u found it 1 sec after? u mean the acrobatics question?

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