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any suggestion for my 5th gen team

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Emboar-scope lens
lv 100| hp 369, attack 274, sp.atk 230, speed 227
timid nature
movesets: blast burn, flamethrower,poison jab and brick break

Serperior-miracle seed
lv 100|attack 242, defense 228, speed 301
Naughty nature
movesets: frenzy plant,giga drain,grass pledge and sword dance(raise attack sharply)

SawBucks-expert belt
lv 100|hp 301, attack 299, speed 302
Hasty nature
movesets:energy ball,horn leech,leech seed and hi jump kick

Porygon-focus sash <--- great stragiety pokemon
lv 100|hp 305, sp.atk 304, speed 248
Quirky nature
moveset:Tri attack,conservation(changes type into one of my movesets type),shadowball and agility(raise spped sharply)

lv 100|hp 335, sp.atk 271, speed 236
Rash nature
movesets:Outrage,DragonRush,fly and thunderbolts

Latios-soul dew
lv 100|hp 310, sp.atk 280 sp.def 255
Sassy nature
movesets:psychic,psyshock,dragon pulse and dragon dance(raise attack and speed)

asked Aug 18, 2011 by DemonKiller
edited Aug 20, 2011 by DarthDestiny

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Emboar: Not the best I've seen. Replace all of it's moves for Flare Blitz (or Heat Crash if you don't want recoil), Wild Charge (or Stone Edge if you don't like recoil), Hammer Arm, and Earthquake. If you go with recoil, give it the leftovers to hold, but if not, then the Scope Lens is good.

Serperior: Get rid of Frenzy Plant (never use recharge moves!), Grass Pledge, Giga Drain, and Swords Dance. Teach it Leaf Blade, Toxic, Leech Seed, and Dragon Tail.

Sawsbuck: You have Serperior for a grass type, so why not replace it with a Water-Type for balance? My reccomendation would be Seismitoad. Teach it Earthquake, Scald (or Surf for in-game), Sludge Bomb, and Drain Punch. Give it the Big Root to hold and the Poison Touch ability.

Porygon: Evolve it into Porygon-Z. Replace Conversion with Psychic, to cover Fighting weakness. Then you're next to perfect!

Dragonite: Take the Leftovers and replace it with the Dragon Fang. Replace Outrage for Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush for Fire Punch (gotta love Heart Scales :P), and Thunderbolt for Dragon Dance.

Latios: Since you have Dragonite, you should probable replace it with a non-dragon Pokemon, like Glaceon. Teach it Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse (4 generation TM), and Double Team. Double Team is good because since you probably won't use this for competitive battling, you can use it! Give it the Sitrus Berry to hold.

Just my two cents. I wish you many wins and I hope this helps!

answered Aug 20, 2011 by Fate Itself
edited Aug 20, 2011 by Fate Itself
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Whoah. Awesome team.
Please do E.V.s anyway you want, I forgot to do them

Aside from that, my team is as follows:
(I focus on special attack)

Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, Dragon Claw, and Rock Slide

Have the nature boost attack, I got unlucky with a nature that boosted Sp. Att.

Aura Sphere, Psychic, Dark Pulse, and Dragon Pulse

All around coverage, possibly a sweep. Once again, his nature for me is focused on Sp. Att.

Crunch, Fire Punch, Stone Edge, and Earthquake

Fire Punch is there to get rid of the pesky grass types.

Muddy Water, Water Sport, Sheer Cold, and Hydro Pump

I've had this moveset on Kyogre for five years, agreeably it could be a lot better, but I haven't had the heart to change it. Watch out for grass types.

Outrage, ExtremeSpeed, Fly, and Surf

397 attack, 340 sp. attack..... He works either way. Once again, he's been like this as long as I can remember, so....

Last, but not least, my cuddly little beast,
Fiery Dance, Hurricane, Quiver Dance, and Rest.

With a Chesto Berry this thing can absolutely dominate. Have it use Quiver Dance until its HP gets yellow/red, then use rest. The Chesto Berry wakes it up, and whala, you have a volcarona with amazing stat boosts and full health. If the opponent uses physical attacks, then volcarona's Flame Body ability will burn them, therefore lowering their attack. The only things that can kill this beast are fighting and rock types who have Sturdy for an ability and rock moves in their arsenal.

Volcarona was lucky enough for me to remember E.V.s, so it has 252 sp. atk and 252 speed, turning out at 356 Sp. Atk and 270 Speed.

Well, there's a lot of improvements to be made, but this team has never lost for me.

answered Aug 20, 2011 by Godly Volcarona
When someone asks "How can I make my team better?" people tend not to give them a random team.