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Mixed tier team help?

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These are some of my less fortunate lv. 100s.

Only items can be added and moves changed.

Absol-F Physical sweeper
Impish (+def, -sp.atk)
Ability- pressure

Night Slash
Stone Edge
Psycho Cut

Gengar-F Special sweeper
Hardy (nothing)
Ability- levitate

Sludge Bomb
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast

Shuckle-F Wall
Naughty (+atk, -sp.def)
Ability- Gluttony

Stone Edge
Bug Bite
Power Swap
Gyro Ball

Golem-M Physical tank
Calm (+ Sp. def, -atk)
Ability- Rock Head

Rock Slide
Heavy Slam
Brick Break

Whimsicott-F Special sweeper (this can be changed*)
Modest(+Sp. atk, -atk)
Ability- Prankster

Stun Spore
Energy Ball

Primeape-F Physical sweeper
Quirky (nothing)
Ability- Inner Focus

Close Combat
Poison Jab

*the role, that is.

Please don't tell me this team is a wreck, for I already know it is.

Also, I'm not playing by this site's standards.

asked Aug 18, 2011 by Kyogreruler

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Absol: Replace X-Scissor with Will-O-Wisp, for a burn. Give it the Scope Lens to hold, but if it's banned, then use the Muscle Band.

Gengar: Sludge Bomb has horrible typing, so replace it with Psychic to kill other Poison types should they appear. Give it the Wise Glasses to hold.

Shuckle: Power Trick is incredibly unreliable, seeing as even a not-very-effective move can OHKO it. Use this set instead: Toxic for stalling, Mud Slap for accuracy lowering hax and maybe even forcing a switch, Power Split for annoying and also forcing a switch, and Wrap to keep the foe in let Toxic work wonders. Let it hold the Lum Berry.

Golem: Moveset is the picture of perfection. Give it the Sitrus Berry to hold.

Whimsicott: Moveset is good, except replace Stun Spore with Leech Seed to prolong livability. Give it the Leftovers to hold.

Primeape: Poison Jab is bad. Replace it with Rock Slide to cover Flying Types. I also wouldn't use Dig, it gives the opponent a free switch to Flying Types. However, now you have Rock Slide to cover them, so keep it if you like. If you want to replace it, then use Earthquake! Give it the Life Orb to hold.

Overall, this is a pretty good team (not including the natures). I wish you many wins and I hope this helps!

answered Aug 30, 2011 by Fate Itself