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Pokemon Black team help please!

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I need help for improving my team on the field in pokemon black.
My Emboar, Sawk, and Reshiram are the strong ones out of the six.

Joey (Emboar) M Lv. 82
Item: Charcoal Ability: Blaze
Hammer Arm
Heat Crash (for smaller pokemon)
Blast Burn <-if i'm desperate
flamethrower (for weaker or grass pokemon)

Linebacker (Sawk) M Lv.80
Item: Scope Lense Ability: Sturdy
Close Combat (if i'm desperate)
Brick Break
Strength (on the field)
Dig (on the field or against fire or ghost pokemon) i might switch it with earthquake.

Reshiram Lv. 78
Item: Charcoal Ability: Turboblaze
Dragon Pulse
Draco Meteor (if i'm desperate)
Fusion Flare

Destructor (Hydreigon) F Lv. 65
Item: Bright powder Ability: Levitate
Hyper Voice
Fly (on the field)
Dragon Rush
I just got her so she might need improving.

Bush (Simisage) F Lv. 63
Item: Big Root Ability: Gluttony
Cut (on the field)
Flash(on the field plus it helps lower accuracy)
Leech Seed (HP restore)
Seed Bomb (Main Damager)
I evolved her too early so she's not very good. I was planning on hatching a pansage egg though.

OOP (Seaking) F Lv. 61
Item: Focus Sash Ability: Water Veil
Waterfall (on the field, her best attack due to high attack)
Horn Drill (if i'm desperate) I'm probably going to replace with Megahorn.
Surf (on the field)
Dive (on the field)

I hope some one can help me.

asked Aug 17, 2011 by pikaxhu2
edited Aug 19, 2011 by pikaxhu2
if you put the natures in the info I can help a lot. One thing straight off the get-go: Definitely give Emboar Wild Charge. Wild Charge is a difficult TM to pick up(If you don't have it already), i used this to help me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oreHXTrJ1Zw it is in Victory road.

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I'm gonna try and help ya in the best way.
For your Emboar you don't need three fire attacks and considering it's got better attack than special attack I suggest re-teaching it Flare Blitz for Heat Crash and replace Blast Burn and Flamethrower for Wild Charge and Stone Edge respectively. For your Sawk I say replace Close Combat or Brick Break for Rock Slide or Stone Edge (I prefer Close Combat for the extra power). For your Reshiram you don't really need two Dragon and Fire attacks so I'll say replace one of the Dragon attacks for a special attack like Shadow Ball or Psychic and the same goes for replacing one of your Fire attacks, maybe with Stone Edge as an extra option. For your Hydreigon replace Hyper Voice for Surf of Flamethrower or maybe even Focus Blast (I'd say go for Surf). For your Pansage I'll say replace one of your attacks for coverage move like Brick Break or Rock Slide. Finally for your Seaking definitely teach it Megahorn over Horn Drill as Horn Drill is too luck based. Also consider Poison Jab or Return as extra moves to complement your Water type attacks or have a stat raising move like Agility or Swords Dance. Hope this helps.

answered Aug 17, 2011 by K1
I need seaking's water attacks on the field though...:(  Thanks for the tips!!! :)
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Try to stay away from having 2 of the same types of moves. And always try using moves with good reliable accuracy. Because you never know when you'll need another move type to cover your Pokemons weakness. In example, lets say your last healthy Pokemon is Pikachu, and it has Thunderbolt and Thunder as it's only attacking moves, and your opponent sends out Excadrill. Ground nullifies your electric moves, so you really need an mixed-type moveset.

A good moveset for Emboar is:
Hammer Arm - already low speed, good power, STAB
Earthquake - amazing move, coverage
Wild Charge - covers flying and water weakness (goodbye pelipper and swanna!)
Flare Blitz - high hp so recoil doesn't matter too much, STAB, strong move

For your Sawk:
Close Combat - good move, high power, STAB
Rock Slide/Stone Edge- lower power with accuracy, or higher power with lower accuracy? Your choice. Also covering flying weaknesss
Payback/Fling - covers psychic weakness. payback is reliable, but weak, but Fling (with the Heavy Rock or something like that) is powerful and a dark type
Earthquake - coverage

Your Reshiram-
Fusion Flare/Flamethrower - your choice, STAB on both
Dragon Pulse- amazing, STAB
Shadow Ball/Psychic - coverage, your choice
Focus Blast - for those Tank-ish rock and normal types

Your Hydreigon-
Dark Pulse - STAB, good sp. atk
Dragon Pulse - STAB
Ice Beam - coverage and for other dragons
Focus Blast/Psychic/Flamethrower - all coverage

Your Simisage-
Seed Bomb/Solar Beam - STAB, good move.
Leech Seed/Sunny Day - hp regain or help with solar beam?
Nasty Plot/Work Up - depending on your choice of seed bomb or solar beam. you can breed a male Weavile (evolve sneasel at night with razor claw) and a female pansage for Nasty Plot.
Rock Slide- covers all weaknesses

Your Seaking-
Waterfall - STAB, good move, may cause the target to flinch
Horn Attack - good move, neutral damage
Megahorn - covering grass weakness
Aqua Ring/Mud Shot - healing or covering your electric weakness? your choice, but mud shot has to be bred into it.

Your on-the-field moves can be taught to a useless other pokemon in your party (that's what I do).
I train at the Nimbasa City stadiums and the Royal Unova (where I have my official team); other wise I'm goofing off by breeding or finding items and what not.

I hope I helped!

answered Dec 21, 2011 by skrillexx22