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Team Help Please?

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Okay, I have HG and my friends and I battle for fun. We play levell 50 all and can use ONLY one legendary. I have a bunch of decent pokemon but not sure what to use for my team. Here's what I have: any advice on a new pokemon, move set, items, etc.. would be greatly appreciated.

My only good legendary:

Dialga (Adamant Orb)
Roar of Time, Flash Cannon, Earth Power, Aura Sphere

Which 5 should I use? :

Tyranitar (___)
Parback, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Dragon Claw

Nidoqueen (Quick Claw?)
Earthquake, Poison Jab, Attract, Stone Edge

Magmortar (___)
Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Fire Blast, Psychic

Charizard (___)
Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Flamethrower, ____?

Lapras (Quick Claw)
Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse

Blastoise (___)
Blizzard, Earthquake, Hydropump, ___?

Alakazam (wide lens)
Focus blast, shadow ball, psychic, grass knot

Snorlax (___)
rest, sleep talk, yawn, body slam

Porygon2 (___)
Thunder, Blizzard, Psychic, Recover

Dragonite (dragon fang)
outrage, roost, ice beam, thunder

Metagross (___)
stealth rock, hammer arm, meteor mash,

Venasaur (rose insense)
Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Sleep powder

Wobuffet (Lum berry)
Only Moveset Possible

This are choices. But I have trouble making a team. I would greatly appreciate any opinions or advice, especially on new pokemon, moves, and HELD ITEMS.

Thank You.

asked Feb 20, 2011 by clubxbrad

2 Answers

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Snorlax makes a great wall I sugest leftovers to make it more anoying

id use venasur but consider changing its moveset sleep powder, substitution, double edge or solar beam its a matter of preference, leach seed

laparas is a great special sweeper and your moveset is solid wise glasses

metagross is a good pokemon to lead with due to stealth rock and its great defense but id replace psychic with zen headbutt its atacks a lot higher not sure what item

try out charizard wiht fly for your fourth move STAB damage

dialga great ;)

hope this helped brad s and for all those who care im his friend he battles <3

answered Feb 20, 2011 by ENTEI45
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Tyranitar, Metagross, Porygon2, Blastoise, Dialga, and Charizard sound good.

As for movesets, just go to the search bar at the top of the page, type in "moveset" then the pokemon's specie.

For each Pokemon, try these as hold items:

Tyranitar @ Life Orb / Choice Band

Metagross @ Choice Band / Muscle Band

Porygon2 @ Wise Glasses / Wide Lens / Choice Specs

Blastoise @ Leftovers

Dialga @ Choice Specs

Charizard @ Life Orb / Salac Berry / Focus Sash

answered Feb 20, 2011 by ~-~WILL~-~
Thank You ! but do you think Lapras would be a better choice? Both my friends use salamence, dragonite, and garchomp. & my lapras has good defensive stats
Lapras suffers from many drawbacks pertaining to its Ice typing. Just get Ice Beam on a different Pokemon. The chances of Garchomp and Salamence having Stone Edge is too big of a risk.
What do you think...?
Held item: Lum Berry (for rest)
surf, ice beam, earthquake, rest
It'll last long enough to cycle through one Rest, so with that moveset, Lum looks like a fair choice.