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Is this a good team(competitive/in-game)?

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For random matchup:(goes to lvl 50)
volcarona lvl 50(lvl 77 really)
calm mind(dont know where psychic is,would like to know)
quiver dance
bug buzz
reshiram lvl 61/zekrom lvl 62(can't use)
aggron lvl 50(lvl 53 really)
iron head
dragon claw
stone edge
absol lvl 50(lvl 60 really)
stone edge
psycho cut
night slash
suicune lvl 50(event suicune,lvl 60 really,not sure if it's allowed,don't want crocune suggestions)
air slash
ice beam
extremespeed(finish a weakened foe off)
absol lvl 60,same moves
aggron lvl 53,same moves
suicune lvl 60,same moves
volcarona lvl 77,same moves
zekrom lvl 62
draco meteor(maybe dragon claw,which is better?)
wild charge
stone edge
reshiram lvl 62 jolly nature(reason for physical moves)
stone edge
fusion flare(will replace with flamethrower happily)
draco meteor
is this good

asked May 1, 2011 by sassmangg5
The TM psychic is on a cliff in route 13 you need strength to get it though
try this moveset for volcarona; fiery dance,heat wave/flamethrower,bug buzz/hp grass
You dint need double STAB, so take out flamethrower/heatwave for quiver dance

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  1. Psychic is in route 13
    Volcarona should have something to counter his weaknesses like hidden power grass.
    Aggron is give him Head smash.Head smash is great with his ability for no recoil.
    Absol looks good.
    Suicune is good but I would suggest giving suicune calm mind
    Look pretty good =D
    3.In game
    Zekrom-replace Draco meteor with dragon claw because his attack is 30 base atk higher and Draco meteor lowers it's sp.atk.Other than that, it's good
    Reshiram-Yes replace Fusion flare with flamethrower beacuse of higher PP.Replace Fly with Outrage.

Look pretty good =D

answered May 2, 2011 by Halcyonic Falcon
Yeah good!
I think he should keep fusion flare because its reshirams most powerful move because you can just use a pp up or a pp max
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Its pretty good except volcarona can easily die you mite wanna find something good against rock types

answered May 1, 2011 by saadi88