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Is this a good team? and replacements?

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Serperior item: big root
leaf blade, giga drain, aerial ace, swords dance
Ninetales item: flame plate
flamethrower,energy ball, extrasensory, nasty plot
Milotic item: leftovers
ice beam, hydro pump, surf, recover
Reuniclus item: expert belt
Phsycic, shadow ball, focus blast, thunder
Dragonite item: quick claw
dragon claw, thunderpunch, waterfall, fly
Weavile OR Glaceom
Weavile item: rocky helmet
ice shard, brick break, night slash, swords dance
Galceon (dream world) item: dread plate
hail, blizzard,shadow ball hidden power ground
i personally prefer glaceon for its good defenses and amazing sp. attack
Good team? and who should I choose?

asked Apr 23, 2011 by Mark Johnson

1 Answer

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For serperior teach it giga drain, leech seed, substitue and aerial ace. You use it like this first you use leech seed, then substitue if you can keep substitue standing then use giga drain to get the health back after that you can use giga drain or aerial ace. Its good its holing a big root.
Ninetails is good if its a dream world with drought teach it solar beam instead if its not solar beam is good. For milotic teach it aqua ring leftovers and aqua rings can keep you going for a but long. Cynthias milotic knows bulldoze which covers electric weakness and lowers your oppodents speed.
Reuniclus covers all its weakness except for bud buts its still good. Teach dragontite fire punch instead of thunder punch. I like weavile better but go with glaceon better abilty and hail mixed with blizzard is awesome

answered Apr 23, 2011 by BlackHaxorus