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Finally do I have a good team?

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I can now tell you moves and please judge my team out of ten

giratina [origin forme] moves: shadow force, shadow ball, aura sphere, earth power

suicune moves: surf, dive, waterfall, extrasensery [i don't know how to spell it]

celebi moves: leaf storm, energy ball, giga impact, cut

zekrom moves: fusion bolt, fly, strength, bolt strike

kyurem moves: avalanche, glaciate, draco meteor, hyper beam

victini moves: searing shot, double-edge, inferno, flamethrower

asked Apr 22, 2011 by SuperDuperl10
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I would say a 3 (sorry but its not that great) hope i dont offend you listen to the changes below i know this probably took some work
tier? evs? nature? ability? item?

2 Answers

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Unfortunetly, no. But I do have a few tips that can improve it a lot :D

Shadow Force is great! On top of change Shadow Ball to Draco Meteor cause this guy is probably mixed. Aura Sphere works decently well. And as a last slot add either Spite, or Will-O-Wisp for a super annoyance to whomever you battle.

Unfortunetly this guy lacks type coverage. Keep Surf but get rid of dive and Waterfall. Maybe add Ice Beam and Toxic. Extrasensory can stay but I would replace it with Signal Beam or Shadow Ball.

Once again, not enough type coverage. You can keep Leaf Storm, but switch Energy Ball for Earth Power, and Giga Impact for Psychic. As a substitute for Cut use a filler move such as Calm Mind/Heal Bell/Synthesis/Magic Coat.

Run a much simpler set that is more effective. Go with Outrage/Draco Meteor/Bolt Strike/Fusion Bolt.

Swap Glaciate for Ice Beam. Draco Meteor is good. Roost would be very good for him. And throw in Flash Cannon to cover Rock.

Sorry, but yours does suck. Run this set instead. Searing Shot/Psyshock/Thunderbolt/HP Water. Then he will be BAWS.

answered Dec 21, 2012 by DracoArceus
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Well yes you could, but not if you just used an attack/rest move. and the type attack absorbing abilities can easily switch in. Let me give an example

suicune uses surf, but mantine was switched in. water absorb=zero damage

you switch to zekrom, mantine uses ice beam on the switch turn, and zekrom gets major damage.

Well, Let me answer your question with a question:
I'll use your suicune as an example: what if you go up against a pokemon with water absorb that is good at taking special attacks like extrasensory? Mantine comes to mind.

Let's go to your celebi: sap sipper ability destroys it; it doesn't even have a psychic move to take advantage of typing. Cut is weak, and a bug can snip your pokemon (4x weakness) during giga impact's recovery turn.

A rock/ground type (golem for example) likewise destroys your zekrom and your victini (resists fire and normal, nullifies electric) Fly and strength in particular don't take advantage of zek's typing or diversity of moves at all. Same with victini: it lacks a psychic move just like your celebi.

Kyurem is a little better, but not much. While not bad, defenses will likely leave it crushed before it can use avalanche. Glaciate is a glorified icy wind; kyru has access to much better moves. Draco meteor is a good move; I'd keep it. Hyper beam...again, during recharge it is a sitting duck.

Finally, giratina. It has two ghost type moves, which is worriesome when dealing with immune normal types. Aura sphere and earth power are resisted by flying types....and flying/normal types are quite common. I can see this pokemon getting messed up pretty badly by a togekiss, braviary, or noctowl even.
I say first delete all rest-turn moves, and all HM moves from your pokemon with the move deleter, then repost for suggestion.

answered Apr 22, 2011 by jester_pawniard
edited Apr 22, 2011 by trachy
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