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Is the following a good Crystal team for competitive battling?

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My Crystal team (yes, I like the old games) is:

Houndoom: Crunch, Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Sunny Day
Starmie: Ice Beam, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Recover
Alakazam: Psychic, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Recover
Misdreavus: Mean Look, Perish Song, Thunderbolt, Psychic
Tyranitar: Crunch, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Rest
Skarmory: Drill Peck, Rest, Agility, Double Team

Is this a good team and how can I make it better?
More specifically:
-Should I use Double Team instead of Rest on Tyranitar?
-Should I use Thunderpunch on Alakazam, and if so, what should I replace?
-What should I fix on my Skarmory (or should I just use freaking Blissey + Counter instead...)?
-Should I sub in a Gengar (Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Return, Shadowball) in place of Misdreavus?

asked Apr 22, 2011 by rootbeerman77
edited Aug 23, 2011 by Pokemaster
Competitive battling IN Crystal or team from Crystal?
Skarmbliss. If you can.

2 Answers

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Rather Old Question but No Good answer:

I Understand SUnny Day Weakens Surf But Give Starmie Surf over Psychic anyway.

Gengar IS Better than Misdrevius:
Thunderbolt, Hypnosis, Ice Punch, Explosion Shadow Ball, Being Physical, isnt very good for Gengar.

Give Alakazam Thunder Wave, Psychic, Fire Punch, Recover

For Skarmory:, Give it Whirlwind, Toxic, DRill Peck, and Theif. This way you can poison something whirlwind it away, and poison something else:) You can also theif Peoples Leftovers away, or give it Rest over Theif+a Mint Berry:0

Give Tyranitar Fire Blast over Rest.

answered Sep 3, 2011 by Swampert
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  1. Use Rest instead of Double Team. I am pretty sure that the automatic Sandstorm that Tyranitar creates raises his evasion. Plus you should take advantage of Tyranitar's nice Defense

  2. Don't add Thunder Punch on Alakazam. Ice Punch already eliminates the Flying types that Thunder Punch would be used to hit (especially Murkrow) and Psychic (with STAB) is stronger than Thunder Punch against Water types anyway. Your Alakazam is excellent as is.

  3. There is nothing wrong with your Skarmory, however you might want to leave Spikes or Steel Wing on it. Also, your Skarmory might need an Amnesia to be Baton Passed to stay alive if your opponent switches in an Electric or Fire type. Lastly, you would be in big trouble if your opponent has a Hazer. All those Amnesia's/Agility's/Double Team's will be down the drain in one turn.

  4. I say go for the Gengar. Misdreavus doesn't have the defensive power to stay alive with the Mean Look/Perish Song combo and it will be nice to have a Shadow Baller on the team to take care of the other annoying Ghosts and Psychics.

Hope this helps, happy training!

answered Apr 22, 2011 by blazeaking
Crystal is a 2nd generation game. As far as I know, there were no abilities yet. So, Tyranitar had no automatic Sandstorm (a.k.a. Sand Stream ability).
So, I think Sandstorm could be placed instead of Double Team.