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Is this a good team?

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My team is:
serperior lvl 37
leaf blade
mega drain
leaf tornado
duosion lvl 36(traded from black,obtained from friend)
energy ball
shadow ball
conkeldurr lvl 36
chip away
rock slide
wake-up slap
golurk lvl 47(traded from black also)
heavy slam
oh yes this is for the fourth gym and I did something between my black and white,since I have two ds's and a complete black,i traded serperior as a servine to evolve to serperior thru exp.share and I traded conkeldurr as a timburr to evolve to gurdurr,then trade gurdurr over to white so it would evolve.i did it with an exp.share.worked well.gonna use it in the future.

asked Apr 19, 2011 by sassmangg5

1 Answer

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As it is only the 4th gym they are all overpowered so you will win easily and it is a good team but in this serperior thing this is my opinion but I prefer samurott but keep your team as it is

answered Apr 19, 2011 by james mills