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Is this a good team for the battle subway?

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Just please rate my pokemon and tell me any improvements I need to make

Audino lv: 50
Item: oran berry
Moves: Heal pulse
After you
Simple beam
Double edge

Spinda lv: 54
Item: None
Moves: Teeter Dance
Psych Up

Torrterra lv: 64
Item: None
Moves: SolarBeam
Leaf Storm
Wood Hammer

Volcarona lv: 70
Item: SilverPowder
Moves: Psychic
Quiver Dance
Heat Wave
Bug Buzz

Zapdos lv: 50
Item: None
Moves: AncientPower

Duskinoir lv: 50
Item: None
Moves: Pursuit
Shadow Punch

So all I need is someone to tell me what I need to improve

asked Apr 16, 2011 by cranidos1up

1 Answer

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You can only have three pokemon in the battle subway(for single,4 for double,two for multi) at one time so I would use dusknoir zapdos and volcanoro

for duskonoir give it left overs and get rid of pursuit for protect or painsplit

for zapdos get rid of agillity unless you really want it and tach it hyber beam or light screen depending on which you want

for volcanoro replace heat wave replace with flamethrower which can be fiound in the abundunt shrine
get rid of phycic for hurricane.
ability flame body

other pokemon...(in case you want to use them instead of the ones I chose.

on torterror get rid of withdraw for curse,solare beam for earthquake and leaf stom for stpone edge(can be found in challengers cave)for coverage.
give it earth gem
ability sheel amour(dream world)

no problem with audino but it is a rubbish pokemon in general I wouldnt ever use it but its heal pluse heals the other pokemon(opposing)so it could be ok for double battles.
abilty regenearator
get rid of simple beam for you turn to use regenerator
item sitrus berry

and spinda no way never use it its crap

help I hoped and sorry for the spelling mistakes(i bet there are loads!!)

answered Apr 17, 2011 by hydreigionrocks