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Help with my team for pokemon black?

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I just beat the elite four the first time. trying to find a good team to train and to play my friends with. open to any suggestions for moves items or even pokemon. heres what I got so far.

volcarona lv 71 -silver powder- flamethrower, quiver dance, heat wave, bug buzz

hydregion lv 65- no item- crunch, dragon pulse, surf, flamethrower

escalavalier lv 59 -no item- x scissor, iron head, swords dance, double edge

tornadus lv 68 revenge psychic hurricane crunch

altaria lv 59 dragon claw dragon dance cotton guard e quake

no idea who for a 6

asked Mar 11, 2011 by ENTEI45

5 Answers

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Okay...they might say I'm freakin' crazy for this...but here it is anyways:

Use a Swoobat but NEVER put it in the D-Care

Swoobat Nature: use one that doesn't change its stats
This is my moveset:

-Areal Ace(STAB)
-Shadow Ball(no psycic type can survive without this)
Fly(I needed this)

answered Sep 8, 2011 by Rackpal#1
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use your starter pokemon. they can usually have good movesets or stats
for example: my emboar has the moves hammer arm, stone edge, flamethrower, and wild charge

answered Nov 4, 2011 by pikaxhu2
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Altaria typically has better Special Defense, so make use of that.
(i.e. Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam..)
Definately use your starter. My Emboar has saved me a bajillion times, and is a great part in my team. Try not to have two of the same moves (your Volcorona). I'd teach it Flamethrower, Bug Buzz, Psychic, and maybe Hurricane? Try covering your weaknesses as well. In example, a Herdier with Aerial Ace, Emboar with Earthquake, etc.

answered Dec 20, 2011 by skrillexx22
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I'd recomened a dark or 100% fire type, or if you can train one high, I personaly recomend Zebstrika. It has high speed and is good with attacks. Teach it discharge and stomp, and it can deal with pretty much any other moves.
Hope this helps!

answered Mar 11, 2011 by StarMightyena
edited Mar 19, 2011 by StarMightyena
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Or you could use a ground or psycic like a golette or its evolve form

answered Mar 12, 2011 by John.D