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Is this a good team??

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Is this a good team:

infernape-lv-86 [my partner]
-rock climb
-close combat
-blast burn
-flame wheel

-hyper beam
-drill peck
-mirror move

-shadow force
-heal bock [what should replace this?]
-earth power

-dragon claw
-air slash


-wing attack
-air slash

asked Feb 11, 2011 by jolteonrox
Horrible team...bad movesets, too many Ice weaknesses
1) Only good HM is Surf
2) No need of two Fire moves on Fire Pokémon, etc.
3) Teach special moves to Pokémon, which has higher SAtt
4) As I said before...too many Ice weaknesses
I could use a Walrein or a Dewgon with a quick claw, and I can murder your whole team
Holy true... :D
I think this team is horribile.No offence but legendarys are not always the best you know.
Just because joteonrox's movesets are bad doesnt mean you need to vote it down.....

No offence, but everyone is right (speed freak, don't say that). Grasspokemon is right, legendaries arent always the best choice, and they take more exp. points to next level.
SuperFlygon has a point. You are only able to vote down movesets in answers. In this he is asking for help, and as such should not be voted down. I also didn't see any of you guys answering. For shame.

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Here are ways to improve your team as they are, however you will want to get in Pokemon of different types:

Infernape: Rock Climb is fine for ingame, but if you get the chance, replace it for Stone Edge. Replace Blast Burn with Thunderpunch and Flame Wheel with Flare Blitz.

Fearow: Fly is a must for ingame, but if this is competetive battling replace it for U-Turn. Replace Hyper Beam with Return (unless it doesn't love you, in that case use Quick Attack. If it really hates you, use Frustration.) Replace Mirror Move with Roost.

Giratina: Shadow Force is acceptable. Replace Heal Block with Pain Split. Earth Power should be replaced by Earthquake. Replace Slash with Dragon Claw.

Rayquaza: Replace Dragon Claw with something. Shadow Claw maybe? There are plenty of options, it really depends on what you feel you need most. Replace Air Slash with Overheat.

Zapdos: Replace Thunder with Thunderbolt unless you happen to be amazingly lucky. Get rid of Pluck and Fly for Roost and Heat Wave. Maybe add in Thunder Wave instead of Discharge.

Moltres: Have it know Roost, Flamethrower, Air Slash, and U-Turn.

answered Feb 12, 2011 by trachy