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Is this a good team?

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I'm playing Soul Silver and I'm training this team
Torterra - Earthquake, Rock Climb, Wood Hammer, Frenzy Plant
Infernape - Close Combat, Focus Blast, Blast Burn, Flare Blitz
Empoleon - Surf, Waterfall, Flash Cannon, Hydro Cannon
Staraptor - Fly, Close Combat, Brave Bird, Sky Attack
Luxray - Thunderbolt, Discharge, Iron Tail, Crunch
Lucario - Focus Blast, Aura Sphere, Reversal, Close Combat

asked Jan 23, 2011 by pokemonfreak
What levels are they

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Pretty good, but you have 2 Steel types which means one of them should be replaced. I say replace Lucario with a Psychic type like Alakazam. I'd suggest Alakazam because of its high SP attack stat. Also you need moveset replacements.

Stone Edge-for ice, bug, flying and fire types
Leech Seed-to heal yourself
Iron head/Outrage-coverage

U-Turn-for Psychic types
Thunderpunch-for Flying and Water types
Close Combat-STAB

Flash Cannon-STAB
Surf-STAB and for Ground types
Drill Peck-for Fighting types
Signal Beam-coverage

Close Combat-for Rock and Ice types
Steel Wing-coverage
Brave Bird-STAB
Roost-to heal yourself

Focus Blast-For Dark types
Shadow Ball-for Ghost types
Energy Ball-Coverage

Hidden Power Water-for Ground types
Iron Tail-coverage
Thunder Wave-to Paralyse the foe

Hope this helps............

answered Jan 23, 2011 by &Shining Yin