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Is this a good team and moveset?

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My team:

-lvl 45 Typhlosion (swift; Flame wheel; Flamethrower; Blast Burn)
-lvl 40 Empoleon (Wirlpoll; Bublebeam; Brine; Metal Claw)
-lvl 37 Torterra (Earthquake; Razorleaf; Frenzy Plant; Bite)
-lvl 35 Mew (Fly; Psychic; Fire Blast; Transform/Metronome)
-lvl 39 Yanmega (Slash; Ancient Power; Sonicboom; Detect)
-lvl 42 Dragonair (Aqua Tail; Dragon Rush; Drako Meteor; Dragon Rage)

Ps: I play in HeartGold

asked Dec 19, 2010 by KillerClaw

1 Answer

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Well, this team can use a little improvements:

Typhlosion - Flamethrower is great, since he has way better sp.attack than attack, you should switch flame wheel and blast burn (USELESS!) to solarbeam-sunny day combo.

Empoleon - Teach it Ice Beam, Surf, Flash Canon and Grass Knot for great moves.

Torterra - Earthquake, Seed Bomb, Crunch and Stone Edge.

Mew - First - how the hell did you got one? Oh well, just give it a simple Flamethrower - Ice Beam - Calm Mind - Psychic moveset and you are good to go.

Yanmega - A decent moveset would be
Ancient power - Bug Buzz - Air Slash - Giga Drain

Dragonair - As it evolves, teach it
Stone Edge - Dragon Claw - Fire Punch - Brick Break

Thats what I think about it so you can change it a little but thats the overall direction of movesets.

answered Dec 19, 2010 by NJDevil
Since this is in-game Drill Peck is better for Empoleon
1- I'm doing these movesets acording to the pokemon lvls and TMs that I have

2- I got Mew in an event that ocurred some time ago! I received it at lvl 1

(edited) 3- I usually use Blast burn and like it to "last pkmn kill" and "OMG 1 hp! better make it usefull!"
The Mew that was given was lvl 5
Right... ok sorry the mistake