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What is a good team to beat red?

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On Heartgold, I have:

Lv. 71 Charizard
Lv. 57 Meganium
Lv. 59 Feraligtr
Lv. 51 Absol

I am trtading onto Heartgold:

Lv. 70 Jolteon
Lv. 70 Dragonite
Lv. 70 Shaymin
Lv. 70 Rotom

I need 1 more to trade, it must be Lv. 70, can't be a legendary or:

Swampert family
Sceptile family
Blazikin Family

asked Oct 15, 2010 by Pokemon Master 9999
Pokemon Lv80+ will do.

2 Answers

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I suggest Steelix that knows (Iron Head-Earthquake-Stone Edge-Sandstorm)

answered Oct 15, 2010 by Shxatoap
Steelix is a good idea, but it needs Stealth Rock. Let it set up Stealth Rock in the beginning, against Pikachu. It helps immensely.
1 vote

You could go get lvl 70 mewtwo in cerulean cave then give it a rare candy so it will learn psychic that why you crush his pikachu. But if you really don't want legendaries choose rhyperior he will his charizard to the moon with any rock type move he should also be able to be lapras and snorlax and pikachu

answered Oct 15, 2010 by Speed freak