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How to improve my team?

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I am makeing a new team in platinum that is perfectly ev

trained from scratch

weavile ice punch, night slash, aerial ace, dig

machamp ice punch, thunder punch, earthquake,

dynamic punch.

jirachi thunder, water pulse, doom desire, and psychic

those are the ones I have know can any one give me

any suggestion on another three that I can teach the

moves by breeding no tms becuase I hate trying to get

bp. and I want a versitile team

asked Sep 8, 2010 by Speed freak
retagged Sep 5, 2012
No I did not restart my gave I am just training new pokemon do not suggest pokemon just becuase they are fast.

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Okay, can I just suggest Ninjask for you, being the fastest of all Pokemon with its ability combined with base Speed? A powerful Dragon type Pokemon such as Garchomp or Salamence would be good. You should also have a Water type. I suggest Tentacruel or Swampert. Fire is also a good type to have, Charizard being a great one. I would suggest Jolteon, not just because it is fast, but because it is such a great Pokemon. Or you can use Electivire. Roserade is another powerful choice. Blissey is always a great wall, as is Snorlax. Dusknoir and Gengar are both powerful Ghost type options, and Ghost types are useful.

answered Sep 8, 2010 by trachy
edited Sep 8, 2010 by trachy
Thank you trachy but I hate ninjask he may have great speed but he has aweful other stats