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What do you think of my team? Suggestions?

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I'm making a team on Heart Gold. Any suggestions on how I could improve my team would be great. Give me your opinion. Thanks in advance :)

Blastoise-hydro pump, surf, protect, ice beam

Dragonite-Fly, Dragon pulse, outrage, flamethrower

Zapdos-Drill-peck, thunderbolt, roost, discharge(I'm probably going to get rid of discharge.)

Metagross- Grass knot, psychic, meteor mash, hammer arm

Tyrantitar- Stone edge, earthquake, dark pulse, stealth rock

Gengar-Giga drain, shadow ball, psychic, double team

asked Oct 17, 2010 by Burnt Queso
I plan to play wifi battles in the future but I'm still learning a lot and trying to train and get a variety of Pokemon.    

P.S. Do you have a good strategy for getting coins at the game corner? Because it takes me forever to earn coins and I'd like to get Gyro ball.
I don't get coins at the game corner. I usually battle people and wager things to get TMs or pokemon I want as prizes. So I can't really help, and I don't think you can buy coins in heart gold like you could in the original game boy pokemon Gold.
Hmm... Both are good answers. Burnt Queso, who do you plan on giving BA? (Best Answer)
I gave it to Darktyphlosion because they not only answered my original question but they kept on helping. Don't get me wrong though, Speed Freak's answer was helpful too.
Its a great team but if you can get a  Swampert insted of an Blatiosie then that will help.

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Interesting team... I'm going to make a few small suggestions for the individual pokemon:

Blastoise-Ditch Hydro pump. It's not very reliable, nor does it have much PP, I would replace it for Either Earthquake to cover his electric weakness, or Toxic to damage the foe, seeing as he has nice defense. Iron Defense or Aqua Ring are perfect for healing/support moves if you want that for him.

Dragonite-If it is for an in game team, then keep fly. You NEED fly for the game. however, if it is competitive, change it for another move. Dragon Dance would be perfect for him to make him into a sweeper. You don't need two dragon moves for him either. Keep outrage if it is in-game, since it's very powerful. but if it is for battling friends competitively, then use dragon claw, that way you don't get locked into using the same move repeatedly and have the foe switch into a steel type, and it's physical so it gets a boost from dragon dance. Flamethrower is a good move, he can use at least one special move, even if you have a physical dragonite, but waterfall is also an option if you want another physical move.

Zapdos-Like you said, get rid of discharge and switch it out for Steel wing to cover his Ice and his Rock weakness. Heat wave is another option, but doesn't cover rock types.

Metagross-Earthquake is an excellent move to cover fire pokemon, one of his few weaknesses. Zen headbutt is better than psychic due to being physical. If you're going to use hammer arm, I would also use Gyro ball on his set because the lower speed means that it will do more damage. Explosion is an option if you want a last ditch move.

Tyranitar-This guy is powerful, and is meant for physical moves. Use crunch instead of dark pulse because it's physical, and he has higher attack, so it will deal out more damage.

Gengar-Focus blast is a good move to cover his dark weakness. Brick break is physical and has much lower base power, but is much more reliable. If you are lucky, you can get one with hidden power [fighting] which is a good option. If this is for in-game, then double team should be fine. But if you are playing competitively, then you should know that double team is banned, so I would replace it with something like thunderbolt or pain split. Psychic isn't required, but you can throw in dark pulse or explosion (the latter is physical though.) to cover a bit more, psychic covers poison and fighting, but he's immune or resistant to both, so it's not required. Last, Giga drain isn't very powerful in generation 4, I would use energy ball, you don't get health restored, but it's much more powerful, and with Gengar's low defenses, there's not much point in trying to restore his health.

-these are only suggestions. By no means is this the only possible option, only what I would do if I used this team. I hope it helped. :)

answered Oct 17, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
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Well for starters(pun) your blastoise doesn't need two water type moves. Keep surf and dump hydro pump and give him toxic.


you must choose if you want a special or physical dragonite. Physical would be dragon claw, wing attack/fly, stone edge, and earthquake. A special moveset would be dragon pulse, flame thrower, thunderbolt, and surf.


Like dragonite you need either special or physical. Special Thunderbolt, Heat wave, HP(fighting), roost/air cutter. Physical Drill peck, return, U-turn, roost. I suggest the special one becuase he has highier S. attack and it is a better moveset.


I like metagross but you have the same problem physical or special. Physical Meteor mash, zen-headbutt, earthquake, ice punch. Special set flash cannon, psychic, grass knot/HP(grass)/HP(water), shadow ball.


Tyranitar is one of my faverite pokemon but once again you have the same problem. Physical is the only way to go with tyranitar becuase it is amazing. Crunch instead of dark pulse, earthquake, stone edge, and dragon dance/stealth rock/rock polish.


He has an actually decent moveset but there are a couple things wrong. If I recall correctly double team is banned from competitive play so instead make use of his title as the fastest hynosis user or use thunderbolt for great power and accuracy.

answered Oct 17, 2010 by Speed freak
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Here is a little tip don't give strong pokemon HM's when it comes to learning a move like hyper beam and you only have HM's as your four move's you will not be able to learn it ( you can't forget HM's) the only way you can forget HM's by going to the move forgeter but most people don't have time for him.

answered Oct 18, 2010 by Munchwax