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Team improvement please help!

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Okay generation 1 (red/blue/yellow) my friends and I are competing on the original games. I have my six picked and moves id like to teach them. if you see major weaknesses or moves I should exchange or anything please give input!

Mr. Mime (Confusion, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Submission)
Starmie (Surf, Thunder, Psychic, Recover)
Arcanine (Fire blast, Flame Thrower, Dig, Take Down)
Raichu (Thunder, Thunderbolt, Seismic toss, Mega Kick)
Nidoking (Blizzard, Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Surf)
Snorlax (Rest, Rock Slide, Solar Beam, Ice Beam)
Thanks in advance!

asked Dec 27, 2010 by classicpoketrainer13

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How about switching Mr Mime for a starter because you have 2 Psychics.The preferred starter is Venusaur because you got no grass type. Okay movesets time...

Venusaur-Sleep powder-to put enemies to sleep
Leech seed-to gain extra health
Solarbeam-heavy damage
Growth-to power up Solarbeam

Snorlax-body slam-STAB and can paralyse the enemy
Rock slide-coverage
Rest-to heal yourself back
Counter-inflict heavy damage because of its high HP

Horn drill-ohko
Surf-for ground weakness
Toxic-to poison the enemy

Starmie-your set is good

Dig-for weakness to rock
Roar-to switch pokemon

Thunder Wave-to paralyse
Quick attack-you know why
Double team-to raise evasion

If you don't want Venusaur then get a flying type like aerodactyl. Here is a movesets for it

Supersonic-to cause confusion
Dragon rage-coverage
Whirlwind-to switch pokemon
Hope this helps

answered Dec 28, 2010 by &Shining Yin
Counter is an egg move for snorlax and in RBY,there is no breeding.and if he chose Aerodactyl,there is no point of having 2 switch moves.
Dragon Rage doesn't provide coverage,it always inflicts 40
Man, if I had so many flaws then why didn't you answer the question?I answered it because nobody answered it and I'm not good at movesets so cut me some slack!
Also, Counter is tm 18 found in the Celadon city department store!
Thanks very much everyone!
A reason I have no grass type is because I feel I got all of grass types advantages covered with the vast amount on my team who know electric and water moves
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You're looking pretty good with the team, but the nidoking moveset is horrible, you gave him a bunch of strong SPECIAL attacks, you need some more physical attacks, mega punch/kick are good, thrash is a good one, if you haven't started yet wait till level 22 to evolve him so he can get thrash and horn attack, or something. but besides that you're doing pretty good.

answered Jan 25, 2011 by Josh