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Team Improvement???

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Is there anything I need to change?


Item Sharp Beak

Fly... I needed a good fly pokemon to keep with me Stab

Aerial Ace...Never miss Acc ect Stab

Brave Bird... Power + Signature move and more Stab

Close Combat... Good power covers weaknesses


Item Expert Belt

Charge Beam... Raises Sp Atc.

Physic... Duh

E-Quake... Good power

Aura Sphere... Coverage

I am thinking of switching the other 4 so I will just give you these

Raptor 360

asked Jan 7, 2011 by staraptor360

1 Answer

2 votes

Staraptor should not have 3 STAB moves. Get rid of aerial ace, amd use u-turn, then replace Fly with return.

On the Mew two set, replace Eathquake with Shadow Ball since MewTwo's attack sux.

answered Jan 7, 2011 by Dragonite_FTW