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How can I improve my non-legendary mono-ground team?

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I am using:


asked Aug 11, 2010 by trachy
Can you add the moves as well?
Do you doubt my ability to have good movesets? That is like doubting Stephen King's ability to have a book or two on sale for every year. :)
But movesets are an important part of a team. I know you will have good movesets for each pokemon individually but if they are all the same on each pokemon then it's a complete waste.
Relax, my mono-teams have different movesets from those in my HG PC. (My mono-teams are spread out through Pearl and Platinum.)

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You have quite a big Ice weakness there, with the first 3 having 4x weaknesses. Don't know what you can really do about that though since most Ground pokemon are obviously weak to Ice!

I'd avoid Gliscor since its stats are skewed towards just physical instead of being attacking or defending. In other words, it has good attack and defense but bad special attack and special defense, so it's not great at either attacking OR defending!

Steelix is a good choice, it does have a bit of the same problem as Gliscor but you can ignore its massive defense and shove all the EVs into special defense and HP to make a great "wall". Earthquake is obvious, Gyro Ball will take advantage of Steelix's low speed. Maybe Explosion as a last-ditch move.

Otherwise, maybe go for Nidoking/Nidoqueen or Rhyperior.

answered Aug 11, 2010 by Pokemaster
Exactly what I would have put......